ORC Week Six- Furniture Has Been Delivered!

It’s week 6 of the One Room Challenge dining room makeover! If you missed anything along the way, you can get caught up here:

WEEK ONE // WEEK TWO // (no week 3 update) // WEEK FOUR // WEEK FIVE

Furniture from Arhaus was delivered last week and it literally brought me to tears! Everything is SO special and coming together beautifully! Going to try and share a few photos without giving too much away…

Ummmm…. THIS MIRROR! I’m SO glad I decided to go with the largest size and set it on the wall opposite the window. It makes light dance around the room and just the shear scale of it takes your breath away! It’s spectacular, truly. So, so special!

Next up! Look at the legs on this beauty! This is the 84″ Francis table from Arhaus, and I’m smitten with the silhouette! Also, the finish is so good! Just enough distressing.

Let me introduce you to the world’s most comfortable dining chair

Thank you so much to Arhaus for sponsoring all of these amazing pieces!

The Oscar striped chair from Arhaus is everything. The room isn’t even complete yet, but I’ve come in here daily and set up the laptop to work at one of these chairs. It’s that comfy. I ordered two to use at the head of each end of the table, and there will be four leather chairs in the middle.

Friends, I still haven’t figured out which rug I want to use, or which lamps to use! I think I’ve been slow to make a decision because I want it to be perfect and don’t want to settle for something just because it’s in stock, and I realized our new kitchen rug would work great in here, so if all else fails I can bring that in here for the reveal while I wait for what I really want. What that is, I haven’t decided yet.

As for lamps, let me tell you my hesitation. Initially, I really wanted to order these funky shades

… but I was slow to order because you needed to know what base you were using in order to order since they’re custom made to fit, and it took me a while to find lamp bases that I really loved. I found these recently…

… and loved the cool shape, but then when I went to order the shades, I realized they were made in China and the delivery date was questionable. Now again, I don’t want to settle for something different just based on delivery date, but I decided to question going this route for other reasons.

Number one, I put our bedroom lamps on the buffet temporarily just to have some light in the space, and I hated how the white shade looked yellow at night. (It wasn’t the light bulb- I tried different temps!) I didn’t love not knowing whether these shades would do the same, especially since they’re more of a creamy color. Just so hard to guess the look of something online! Especially when you’re ordering custom! It would be much easier for me to order something that’s easily returnable. Made me want a lamp with a metal shade to avoid color issues. Although I also love the solid black shade…

… but I wasn’t sure if those wouldn’t give off a ton of light. And we need light in this space!

One other thing that has me questioning my initial lamp direction, is the fact that I’ve been SO drawn to the idea of using very tall lamps on tables. Almost to the point that they look like floor lamps propped up on a table. Just seems unexpected and fresh. I don’t know, guys. I’m a bit all over the place as we near the end! Lol.

Soooo… stay tuned for decisions to be made! I’m not feeling very decisive this week. Let’s see what next week brings;)

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  1. Tricia says:

    I love all the shapes and textures coming together, absolute heaven! The lamp bases are spectacular- are those vintage? Looking forward to the reveal!

  2. Jody says:

    Love your style! Everything is gorgeous. May I ask the name of that wallpaper? I know it is from wallpaper direct but cannot find that exact print. I love it!

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