Welcome to our foyer! I stenciled the entrance with a tone on tone look. The more you walk, the more color you see, so I thought I’d keep that wall neutral. With four kids, most nooks in my home have a level of practicality. The top drawer in that chest is stashed with headbands and hair accessories for my three daughters. The other two drawers are extra storage for holiday decor. I don’t like having to dig through the basement to find my favorite foyer decor come Halloween or Christmas!

Below is the back entry coming in from the garage. We removed the doors to an existing closet to create this pseudo mudroom. I’d eventually love to finish part of the garage to create a true mudroom, but this is working for now! It was just too tight to crowd around a closet, so removing the door, adding a bench and hooks, and finishing it off with fun painted stripes and patterned fabric, really turned this into a fresh take on a temporary mudroom!