One Room Challenge: Dining Room Week Two

Here we go, friends! The day has come to share my plans for the One Room Challenge! Drum roll please! Here’s the MOOD BOARD FOR THE DINING ROOM…..

Let’s discuss…

As a reminder, here’s the “before”:

I originally showed you this Cole and Son’s Chiavi wallpaper from Wallpaper Direct as part of a kitchen mood board.

But, I inevitably decided that it would be perfect in our dining room. I’m really loving olive green these days, and I wanted to create a bit of a cocoon feeling in this space. I’ll accomplish this by painting all of the trim work (everything that’s currently white) Mediterranean Olive in satin by Benjamin Moore, and the ceiling an eggshell in Benjamin Moore’s Jet Black. If you recall, that’s the same color we painted our living room for the One Room Challenge last year, and since that space is directly across from the dining room, I thought it’d be the perfect way for the two rooms to speak to each other.

I’ve been drawn to tone-on-tone for quite some time. It reminds me of the Sandy Skoglund exhibit that came to the Toledo Museum of Art when I was in college. An entire space would be filled with things that were one color- and then another color would be brought in- often that color’s compliment. I always found it fascinating. Here’s one of her works- all blue… with orange fish:

Image by Sandy Skoglund

An outlandish example, and certainly not what I’m going for here- Lol, but just showing you where my brain goes sometimes. I could very easily add a patterned drape in here in a coordinating color. I think plaid would be fabulous. Orange or a muted mustard would be fun, especially after seeing similar drapes in the Meadowbook Estate my husband and I toured this past weekend while there for a wedding. But I loved the idea of these simple olive velvet Ikea drapes that match the paint color perfectly. There’s just something about multiple things being the same color, but because it’s a three-dimensional space vs. a painting, everything becomes distinct and separate through light and shadows. Speaking of which..

Let’s talk lighting…

The dining room is a pretty bright room in the house, which is why I felt like it could handle a black ceiling, but the kicker will actually be the huge Grand Amelie Mirror in black from Arhaus, directly across from the window. Light will bounce all over the place.

In edition to the mirror, this gorgeous oversized pendant from Arhaus is coming for over the dining table…

I LOVE big lighting. The bigger the better. Gonna be honest- I had a different light picked out that became discontinued, but sometimes things happen for a reason. I love the organic shape of this one (my sister said it looks like a coffee bean, and I’m kinda here for it. Lol!) AND I actually ended up finding someone on Etsy who makes lamp shades similar to the one that was discontinued, so I’m having them make smaller shades to be used on table lamps going on the buffet. Choosing between black, or cream with black detail…

Which would you pick? I haven’t decided on a lamp base yet. Stay tuned for that!

Can we talk about that table?

Look at the legs on that baby! All about that base, ’bout that base. This table, also from Arhaus, is just SO GOOD! I love the light, warm finish- a nice contrast to our dark wood floors.

How about that art?

Friendsssssss!! I’ve been coveting this piece, and I’m SO excited to partner with Scout & Nimble for it! As soon as I knew I was going with that organic, leafy, traditional wallpaper, I wanted a massive contemporary abstract piece paired with it. I love a good juxtaposition!

I’m planning on hanging that horizontally over the buffet. Let’s talk about the buffet! I recently told you I was going to replace it with a cabinet. Here’s what I WAS going to use…

I was so drawn to this cabinet. It’s beautiful! The arches are so perfect, and you all know I love to style shelves! However… I just ordered another glass cabinet for our family room, and we already have two glass cabinets in our living room across from the dining room, so I started to worry that it was too many glass cabinets. Lol! Trust me, I will style cabinets all day every day, but it just makes more sense for me to use a buffet/sideboard in the dining room. I like having a surface to set things on, and the existing buffet is so special to me. I’ll be painting it! Just not sure if I’ll paint it the olive of the walls or the black of the ceiling. Stay tuned for that! These kinds of decisions happen naturally as I work on a project.

One last deciding factor? If I went with a cabinet, I’d have to install wall sconces on either side of it since there’s no longer a surface to set lamps on. Sticking with the buffet means I stick with two table lamps instead. Easy! (and less expensive:)

The console/sideboard/buffet you see in the moodboard is actually this one:

I could’ve been tempted to replace my buffet with this piece because the lines are amazing, but sadly it won’t arrive on time.

I’m not 100% decided on a rug. I’d love something with fringe. Don’t ask why. Sometimes I just want something. Lol Maybe it’s because I don’t have any rugs in our home like that? This rug from Serena & Lily is the one I put on the mood board.

I’m just trying to decide if I want a simple solid, or if I want a geometric pattern. I really love the idea of mixing a geometric pattern with the floral paper. Stay tuned!

Before I wrap this up, I’ll quickly touch on the pedestal you see in the mood board. It doesn’t exist. That’s an image of an end table I found online and stretched it to look like a pedestal. I WANT THIS TO MIRACULOUSLY BECOME AVAILABLE. It’s exactly what I want! Who wants to find this for me? I’ve tried googling, guys. Lol Hard to find!

So, there’s the plan! Not sure what to call it. Moody and sophisticated dining room that looks like it could be in a boutique hotel? With a good dose of cozy? Cause that’s what I’m going for! Follow along in the upcoming weeks!

Thank you to the following sponsors:

  1. Arhaus
  2. Scout & Nimble
  3. Benjamin Moore
  4. Frog Tape®
  5. Wallpaper Direct

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  1. Karen says:

    LOVE where this is going!

  2. Jan says:

    Love this!!! Very chic, can’t wait to see it all together.

  3. Amber says:

    I am so excited to see this unfold! Your plans are beautiful and it was interesting to hear where you draw some of your inspiration from. Your room is definitely going to be one of a kind!

  4. Marie says:

    I love your dining room in it’s current state & I’ll love the the new look too.

  5. Julia Brandt says:

    I would love to know the dark and moody green paint shade on your before photo!?

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