Fairy Party

Welcome to my daughter’s Fairy Birthday pary! This was when she turned four (two years ago) so some areas of my home may look different than the current photos you’ve seen on Instagram! Our styles are forever changing, aren’t they? 🙂
I wanted a different take on a Tinkerbell party. My daughter loved fairies, but I’m not huge on character parties, so I created a woodland fairy party with some Tinkerbell “touches.” One of my favorite things about this whole party was the entrance! I bought a little fairy door from Michaels and painted it in colors that coordinated with the party. This was attached to the front door with small dabs of silly putty. Such a fun way to greet guests! 
In the kitchen, I draped pink netting from Hobby Lobby and hung white lights within them. This created such a sweet mood. Her birthday falls in November, so I really lucked out that Christmas ornaments were already in stores, because that’s how I found the mini chandeliers to hang from the island lights! I also added some twigs, branches, and faux flowers to add to the “woodland” feel of it all, and hung some paper fairies I cut out using my Cricut machine. If you’re a big party thrower, I cannot suggest having one of those buy clomid online enough! I use it often!

Ok, so maybe it’s a bit over the top to rent the white chairs you see at wedding ceremonies, but did you know they were only $1 each to rent? Sure, when planning a wedding, rental items add up in the spending department, but when hosting a small group, why not go for it? It looks way prettier than the random mismatched/paint-stained black and grey folding chairs in my basement storage!
The over-sized flowers are from Hobby Lobby, and truly, they were the whole inspiration for the party. I kind of felt like the guests would feel like tiny fairies among them. I have them pushed into styrophoam floral cubes that you can find at any local craft store. I covered the cubes with scrapbook paper that had grass printed on it.

To be clear, I did NOT make the cake! Lol It is my favorite cake of all time, and I only wish I could take credit for it! I can decorate a party, but I can’t bake or cook for the life of me. Local folks, I ordered this cake (and all of my cakes) from Holiday Market! The fabulous tree stump was the cake stand at our babysitter’s wedding. Couldn’t resist asking her if I could steal it for this day!