ORC Week 5- Wallpaper Is Up and Buffet is Painted!

Things started really moving this week in the dining room! Gorgeous wallpaper from Wallpaper Direct has been installed! Look at it in all of its glory!

It looks SO good with the trim color (Benjamin Moore Mediterranean Olive), and while I’m absolutely in love with it, I’m really anxious for everything to come together to make it really sing. It’s a busy print, but the combination of only using it on the upper portion of the walls, along with a huge mirror on the way and art going above the buffet, it won’t read too crazy when it’s all in place. Speaking of the buffet…

It’s painted! Last week I talked about choosing between going black or olive, and seeing as how we were having family over this past weekend and I didn’t want a bright emerald buffet sitting in this newly wallpapered olive room, I rushed it and went with Benjamin Moore’s Mediterranean Olive. There’s a couple reasons I leaned this way. Number one is, the olive paint I had on hand was a Satin finish, which is great for furniture use. The Jet Black I had was what we used on the ceiling, and since we went with a Flat finish for that, it’s not the best choice to paint furniture. Also, we have this amazing artwork going above it, and I wasn’t sure if that would be too much black in one section of the room.

I will say this, though. Right now it’s a LOT of olive. I’m not sure if maybe black is the way to go to balance out the ceiling? But I’m going to hold off on whether or not I should change it until after everything else has arrived. With this big mirror coming…

And these dark charcoal chairs…

… I’m thinking I may have been right to go with my first instincts. We shall see!

Sooooo, who wants to see the process of painting this buffet? If you’ve been following me for a while, you may have seen the original post for painting instructions when I painted it bright green in 2015. Figured I’d share again for anyone new. I am NOT a pro. This is just how I do it! Here’s where we started this time around…

Steps to paint furniture…

  1. Remove all hardware
  2. Label where each drawer goes, as sometimes old furniture won’t fit back together unless it’s going exactly where it was.
  3. Lightly sand and wipe clean (some people may say to sand all the way down. This piece doesn’t get lots of wear and tear, so I don’t find that necessary. I just sanded enough to help the new paint stick, using this Ryobi sander!
  4. Use paint with primer mixed in! Saves a step! We used the Aura line from Benjamin Moore (Mediterranean Olive in a Satin finish)
  5. I used a regular paint brush on the draw fronts where there were tiny crevices, and a six inch roller on the rest

This piece is so heavy, I just slipped paper underneath to protect the floors instead of moving it far. Lol! But there you have it, friends! Any questions? All of the Arhaus pieces just got delivered and I just about cried when it was all put in place. It’s all so beautiful! Stay tuned for next week’s update! I’ll give you a peek!

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