Tree Skirt Made From Magnolia Stems

Hi, friends! This was a totally spontaneous project! I honestly didn’t have any plans to add holiday decor to the dining room this year. I think the house is looking pretty festive as is, so I just didn’t think to do more. But, this weekend I was in the basement storage room, and I came across two 4 ft. pre-lit Christmas trees that I hadn’t used, and an idea came to me!

I decided to put them on the dining room buffet! Now, the question became how I was going to decorate them! So, I had a ton of this bronze/copper ribbon leftover from the porch. Then I remembered that I bought this painting from Home Goods months ago (see below). I loved the dress that the woman was wearing, but didn’t love the butterfly on her face. So I finally decided to cut the face and just get a smaller frame for the part of the art that I love.

Her dress perfectly matched the ribbon, and I had some vintage amber glassware, so the theme naturally came together!

Next up, let’s talk about the tree skirts. I didn’t have mini ones on hand. What I did have, was leftover magnolia stems from our Thanksgiving arrangements from Fleur Detroit! I never did a blog post on that, so here are some quick phots from Thanksgiving. We hosted over 30 people!

It was seriously so lovely!

Back to the tree skirts. As I was brainstorming, I remembered that I removed the magnolia stems to dry and save them, and thought, “Could this work?” People always ask me what my creative process is and where I start. I can’t emphasize enough the importance of just playing and trying things you have around the house. I simply turned them upside down like a teepee under the trees, and they work great as tree skirts!

And there you have it! My biggest take-away from this is to remind you all to just PLAY. Find things around the house you forgot about it!

Shop the dining room…

Cheers to spontaneous decorating!


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