Foyer Hallway Plans!

Friends! I haven't blogged in forever. A stomach bug ran through our house last month, we traveled to Nashville for a friend's birthday, and I've just been mentally recouping after the shooting at MSU (where our daughter attends school). Mental health breaks are important, and I'm so happy to be back in my happy place- planning spaces and scouring the…read more

Tackling a TV Wall

Ah, the dreaded tv wall. It's always been a challenge, hasn't it? For, me anyway. There's no perfect way to tackle the tv wall because let's be honest- TVs just aren't pretty. I had a gallery wall surrounding our tv for a bit, but it always bothered me that the sideboard that the tv was sitting on didn't fill the…read more

Bedroom Update: New Lighting, Bedding, and Finishing Touches!

Happy New Year, everyone! Let's catch up for a minute! I started the year off the way I always do after the holidays... completely immersed in some sort of organizational frenzy. This year our basement was the lucky spot. I tell you what, folks. When you're an interior design blogger who changes things around the house often, things pile up…read more