One Room Challenge: Dining Room Week One

Friends, I started planning our dining room redesign back in February! You can find the original post about it HERE. Well, after that, I was a featured designer for the spring One Room Challenge and we got busy renovating our bathroom! You can find the reveal for that HERE. Then came summer with the kids home, and you know how that goes. Things got put on hold…

Enter the start of the Fall One Room Challenge! Kids are back in school and things have settled down a bit, which means this makeover was the perfect excuse to be a guest participant! Thank you to Linda from Calling It Home for organizing this, and Better Homes & Gardens for being the media sponsor! If you aren’t familiar, the One Room Challenge is a 6 week design challenge (or 8 weeks recently, since shipping delays are wreaking havoc on the design industry!) So much fun to watch everyone’s projects unfold!

So, why the dining room?

Circling back to my February post, I’ll recap to say I designed our current dining room in 2015. It isn’t dated. It isn’t ugly. And frankly, that thrifted dresser that I painted is how a lot of people found me! It’s an ode to when I first started this gig, and while it’ll always hold a special place in my heart as is, I’m ready for a change! My home has been gradually leaning towards more earthy, moody hues these days, so the bold floral paper that’s in there now is no longer vibing with the surrounding rooms. I’ve said this before- even though I’m known for my love of color, doesn’t mean I have to always stick with the boldest ones in the crayon box! It’s time to flex my design muscles and come up with something that speaks to who I am now.

Was it 2020 that changed me? A pandemic? A lot of family time? A multitude of racial injustices? A draining election season? I say this because the way you feel greatly impacts how you design your home. And I don’t know about you guys, but I’m currently drawn to interiors that make you feel like you’re getting a warm hug:) We all need that, don’t we? So bring on the warm colors, the cozy patterns, and a playful mix of old and new. Let’s do this!

Come back next week for the mood board and details for everything I’ve got up my sleeve!



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  1. Saira says:

    Well said! Our tastes and choices can change as we grow as individuals. Can’t wait to see the mood board next week!

  2. beverly says:

    Haneen – I’ve been stalking you for many years and it’s killing me you’re changing your dining room, which I love, and was total inspiration for my own dining room. But I get it. When you love to design, even great rooms need a change. So looking forward to the end reveal. BTW – You knocked it out of the park with your master bathroom ORC. Thanks for all the inspiration.
    Bev from Ohio

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