Spring Mantle

Well, hey there! It’s a Saturday afternoon, and miraculously we don’t have any sporting events for any of the kids today! Well, my 7 year old had a soccer game this morning and her dance photos, but that doesn’t count because we were done before lunch. I’m talking no 6 hour gymnastic meets or volleyball tournaments! Man, oh man. We totally love watching our kids excell at what they love, but those days are looooong. So anyway, my point is, I’ve got some time for a blog post! And I wanted to show you what I changed up in my family room.


As always, I crave color when warmer weather starts. I came across a gorgeous painting from Home Goods, and things just kind of snowballed from there. Confessions of a design addict, I know;) So, along with switching up a few things on my mantel, I also busted out my green watercolor pillows from CB2, and ripped off the black and white fabric from the bench. It came with a beautiful blue velvet, so I wanted to expose that for now since it goes so well with the painting. Here’s some pix!










Don’t mind the wobbly candlesticks. They may or may not have been wounded in light saber battles with one of my kids.



Let’s be honest. Layered rugs are “in,” but this isn’t ideal. The brown faux cowhide doesn’t quite jam perfectly with our grey shag rug, but if I’m keeping it real, it’s strictly there to hide generic cialis online pharmacy some carpet stains. I usually get our carpet cleaned around this time of year, so as soon as it’s looking new again, that cowhide is going.



My three year old took that photo! My little budding photographer:) Actually, I just had to share it because I like the angle of the blue bench. It came like this, but if you recall, I reupholstered it in a black and white graphic pattern when I first brought it home. But a few months in, the fabric was starting to pill a bit. Since the original blue works great with the new painting, it was an easy decision to rip off the other fabric… for now. We’ll see what colors/fabric I’m drawn to next;)



This is the fab watercolor pillow from CB2 I was talking about. And I found the black and white shag pillow from West Elm this past fall. It’s fun to be a pillow hoarder, because I love forgetting about pillows that I have in storage and then get excited when they work again. Lol


Here’s a view from the foyer. I like how my new foyer walls (view that before and after HERE) play nicely with the greens in the new candlesticks, and the art from Minted that I moved in from the living room (you can see that refresh in my most recent Spring Home Tour HERE).





Can you tell my current favorite color is green? 🙂


You can shop this room by clicking on the images below…






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