Master Bedroom Lighting (& a new bench!)

It’s master bedroom lighting time! I’ve had new lighting on my brain forevvverrr for this space, and it’s taken me so long because I’m having such a hard time with decision making! I know what I like, but the problem is, I like a LOT. There’s just so many amazing options. And here’s the thing- I know I’ve grown pretty modern over time, but my bedroom has always been the most classic/sophisticated room in my home. When deciding on a chandelier, I’ve struggled with modern vs. traditional.  I’ve pulled several from Lighting Design Company that give me LIFE, and I’d love your input! They’re a good blend. I find most of these to be pretty timeless with a sleek and modern twist. Which would you choose?


Number  1


Number 2


Number 3


Number 4



Number 5


Number 6


Number 7


Number 8



Number 9


Number 10 


See my problem? They’re all amazing and a wee bit different in their own rite. Do I go with one of the sleeker ones? Or one with some bling that adds a touch more glam to the space? If you follow my Instastories, you may have heard me chat about my lighting dilemma after going to see Beauty and the Beast. I, of course, couldn’t stop fixating on all of the gorgeous crystal chandeliers in the castle, and it made me want a grand, traditional one for my bedroom. Isn’t it amazing that a movie can do that? Influence your own home? It was just so breathtaking! Hmmmm. Let me know which one you would choose!


In the mean time, I wanted to show you my new bench at the foot of our bed from Lex Mod! I couldn’t resist this velvet and acrylic beauty!










Do you love it as much as I do? I questioned it being black against our black bed, but I think the blush pink throw blanket breaks it up beautifully. You can find the bench by clicking HERE. Or shop the entire room here…


Can’t wait to hear your input on the lights! Mama needs some HELP!




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*thank you to Lex Mod for sponsoring the bench!


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