Spring 2020 One Room Challenge: Living Room Week 6

Sigh. These past couple of weeks have been so heavy, and it feels a little strange to be writing about interior design when there’s so many big injustices going on right now. I don’t like talking about heavy things on this platform, but please know that I feel deeply about said injustices, and it’s so important to start the conversation at home. I’m ordering some books on diversity for my younger kiddos, and I’m having conversations with my older ones.

I know there’s more I can (and will) do, but the very least I can do, is teach my kids right from wrong, and make sure they know their parents’ stance on all of this: that we are all equal. That black lives matter. That racism is real and it takes all of us to help stop it. To treat everyone as you want to be treated. To stand up to bullies and be inclusive at school. Seriously, all I want is for my kids to grow up to be healthy, kind humans.

With that said, it’s week six of the One Room Challenge, so let’s fill you in on the latest. First of all, I have a BIG change in lighting to share! I know, I know. When I shared my excitement for the new Riverdale chandelier from Hudson Valley Lighting, I did not anticipate changing my mind. Here’s what happened…

I found myself browsing the HVL site late one night (as one does, because there are so many beautiful lighting choices to peruse), and I randomly zoomed in on this light and realized the welting is navy! You guys, I kid you not, this entire time I thought it was black! I should’ve known in the description when it described it as “nautical” that it was blue instead of black, but I didn’t, and suddenly, I was like “May Day! May Day! I need to change the chandelier!” Lol. Thank goodness Hudson Valley Lighting is the great sponsor that they are, and I was able to choose a new light that they carry from Troy Lighting. Friends, this was meant to be…

It’s Troy’s Sunset Blvd chandelier. It’s super modern and I love that the interior color of each bulb spot speaks to the chairs in the room! It’s going to be AMAZING! Wall sconces and table lamp remain the same. And the sconces have arrived!

Now, if you visited last week, you know that the gorgeous new cabinets from Universal Furniture arrived. Holy smokes, am I obsessed. I just keep walking into the room and turning on the interior buy generic cialis sydney cabinet lights. Lol. They’re so pretty! And I love that you just tap the side of the cabinets and it ranges from a soft night light all the way up to a bright reading light. We still haven’t started the wall treatment going above the sofa, but I couldn’t resist starting to style the cabinets, and I wanted to share a process with you. This is just an idea if you struggle with styling!

Shelf Styling Tips…

  1. Create a mood board! You don’t have to only use mood boards to create entire rooms. You can actually use them to see how certain things will look styled! I use Design Files. This is not sponsored- I just want to share because I always get questions asking what I use to create my mood boards. I’m hoping to hop on Instagram stories to share how I do this, I’m just not sure when. Again, I feel silly talking about this kind of stuff right now, but it could also just be something to lift your spirits? Please note I did not say it would be a good distraction. I don’t think we need to be distracted right now. I think we actually really need to be paying attention and listening, not looking away. But, with that said, I’m also here to help put a smile on your face. And if mood board making helps do that, I’m all for it. Doing this was also really helpful to me in seeing the scale of the light in this space. Knowing the measurements, I was able to fit it to scale.

2. Use varying heights! I tried to balance each square with something high next to something low. Because of the scale of the cabinets taking up so much real estate on this wall (which I love) I’m realizing the best place to use the art I’ve picked out (all from BFF Printshop, with the exception of the arch art on top), is to put it in the cabinets behind things. This will help in areas I need something taller.

3. Mix materials! You don’t want everything shiny, and you don’t want everything rustic. Mix it up! Notice that I have shiny brass and glass objects, wood sculptures, pottery, and woven baskets. It’s all about texture.

You’ll have to wait for the big reveal to see the real-life version of this mood board:) So fun to see these things come to life!

Shop this room…

Hugs to all of you,


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  1. Jewel says:

    Oh man! That lighting is KILLER! I LOVE IT!

  2. Erin Zubot says:

    Love the new light, that seems like it was meant to be! This room is going to be killer.

  3. Anna says:

    I love it. So happy that HVL was able to work everything out. Looks so good

  4. Elizabeth says:

    I am so excited to see the finished product. This room has me so inspired.

  5. Brianna says:

    I am LOVING these colors!!!

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