How To Paint Window Panes

Ok, this is hands down my favorite part of my entire master bedroom makeover. That should say something, folks. We got a gorgeous new rug, stylish new chairs and nightstands, and a stunning landscape mural, BUT THE WINDOWS ARE MY FAVORITE! Let me explain…

We had sheer white drapes that were way too long. I’m really not a fan of puddled drapes right now. But these were even worse than a puddle. Instead of a puddle, it was more of a huge lake. Lol! And they were torn from the dog. And to top it off, we still had the broken plastic blinds from the previous homeowners. It was just a sad combo, guys. One of those things we’ve just turned a blind eye to. So when I decided to use the New Year New Room Challenge as a way to refresh our bedroom, I wanted to be very intentional about how we addressed the windows. They’re a big part of a room design, guys! And shouldn’t be an afterthought. Here they are BEFORE…

So the first thing I knew was, I wanted buttery, velvet drapes hung properly. I wanted a sturdy industrial rod that wrapped/curved into the wall (I’ll show you what I mean in a sec). And to top it off, I wanted to paint our window panes black! Thank you so much to Frog Tape® for sponsoring this post. I never do a paint project without it!

Step One:

I started with removing the panes and cleaning the windows.

Step Two:

Next, I taped off the windows using FrogTape®.

The big question everyone asked is, “Are your windows wood or vinyl?” I’ll be honest- I’m not 100% sure! The panes are wood, but I couldn’t quite tell what material the actual window was just by tapping on it. I texted neighbor friends and they said wood, so I guess they’re wood. But I will say that the paint didn’t go on super saturated, so that has me questioning it. But either way, I was going for it! These aren’t windows that get opened and closed a bunch. I wasn’t worried about it. Just do and try what you’re comfortable with!

Step Three:

I took the panes outside and decided to spray them to make the process faster…

As for the frame itself, I used leftover paint from our kitchen cabinets: Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black. I wasn’t too concerned about whether the blacks would clash. It turned out perfectly, friends! I’m so thrilled!

Step Four:

Peel away the tape! FrogTape® leaves a clean, sharp line for me every time! Two quick tips- peel away when the paint is still slightly wet, and also peel away at a 45 degree angle!

This seriously worked like a charm and I’m SO happy with the results! What a beautiful addition to this space!

For those of you who’ve asked, I hung the drapes with these rings

Clipping them onto the tabs isn’t the ideal way to hang, but I had to adjust the length of the drapes due to where we hung the rod. Moving the ring here was easier than adjusting the rod! Here’s the rod we used. I like that it curves into the wall, so you don’t get light peaking in on the sides…

So, there you have it, friends! My favorite part of our bedroom makeover! And it’s all thanks to FrogTape®! I know painting can be intimidating, guys. But truly, get yourself some good supplies, and it’s not as scary as it seems! Please let me know if you have any questions!

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  1. Anne says:

    Wow, those windows are stunning! Great idea and a beautiful room.

  2. Brenda Fuqua says:

    What a beautiful room!!!

  3. Nathaly says:

    Was the outside of the window painted?

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