Master Bedroom Mural

Ooooohkayyyyy, friends! I’ve got something to really feast your eyes on today! Remember this spot in our master bedroom? …

I stenciled that wall years ago, and while it’s pretty, I was itching for a bit of a refresh! And some subtle color. If you know me well, you know I love me some color, but our bedroom has always been more of a neutral sanctuary. I love it that way and want to still keep that feeling going, but I thought it could definitely stand for at least a little bit of green. So I’m pulling the outdoors in with a gorgeous landscape scene from Fine & Dandy Co!

Swoon, right? It’s beautiful! And the most amazing high quality paper! It’s so thick and can actually be wiped down if necessary. So, let’s talk about a few things. First, I just wanted to point out (in case you get one of these as well. And I hope you do!) …. I ordered the mural larger than the actual wall it was going on. It came in three pieces and we laid them on the foyer floor to get a feel for the mural as a whole, and figure out where exactly where we wanted to center it and what we were ok with chopping off.

This was tricky, only because I didn’t want to cut any of it! Lol! The whole scene is just gorgeous. In the end, I decided I wanted the large dark tree towards the left, leaning over the rest of the scene. I thought it would look odd to have a large, dark tree just leaning diagonally in the direct center. I also wanted to make sure I kept as much green as possible, because the curved love seat I’m planning for this wall is a shade of green and I want it to make sense. I also wanted to keep this little fella in his boat:) Not sure if he’ll end up getting covered by the sofa, but I wanted to keep him regardless!

If you watched my stories this week, you know I had a bit of trouble with some carpet stains left from the legs of the chairs that were against this wall. Such a bummer because they’ll be exposed now that we’ll have a loveseat there instead. I tried everything, you guys. Resolve, Folex, vinegar, baking soda… even bleach! I’ll be trying a friend’s steam vac, so stay tuned, but I’m not holding my breath. This may need to be a “photoshopped” situation, or “throw another rug down” situation, or a “we’ll just live with it til we get our carpet replaced” situation. For now, it’s a photoshop situation- which is why you don’t see the stains in these photos! Lol!

Find the dress HERE.

Oh, hey. That’s just me super smiley because I’m happy with where this bedroom is headed. Come back tomorrow with more updates for the New Year New Room Challenge, where I’ll talk more about decisions I’ve made for this room. We’ll talk textiles/bedding/drapes. If you missed last week, click HERE to see the mood board and what more plans are for this space!

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  1. Oh wow that mural is GORGEOUS! It’s such a beautiful feature for the room. I love that you kept the little guy and his boat. That’s such a charming touch.

  2. Mickey Wood says:

    Just had an idea! Could you find a carpet sample that matches yours and cut plugs from it to replace the stained areas? Cut out the stained areas and use them as templates to trace the plug shapes on the back of the sample.

  3. Kay says:

    I just adore the mural. Glad you kept the guy in the boat! Thankyou for describing how you worked through getting the mural on the wall. Never wanted a mural on a wall. Now I do!

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