Zane’s Bedroom!

Time to dust off the cobwebs of this blog! I’m always a bit absent in the summer. Definitely still cranking away on projects and using my creativity around the house where and when I can, but you know how it goes. Kids being home in the summer makes things tricky to find the time to share with you all! How have you been? I hope your summer was fulfilling and fun! We loved having our college student home. We filled our summer with a trip up north, another to Chicago, and lots of time with friends and cousins and concerts and bike rides. But, guess what? I’M READY. Ready for Autumn. Ready for football season to watch our junior cheer. Ready for routine and ready to get back to sharing!

First up, giving Zane his own bedroom! Last year, he started sleeping in our college freshman’s room after she left. But I didn’t touch it because I wanted her to feel like she was still coming home to her space in the summer. But this summer… she slept in the basement almost every night. Lol! She said it was comfy down there. I think she liked the cooler temps. So when she left for school again a few weeks ago (Boo hoo! We miss her!) I decided to really make that room feel like “Zane’s space.” I still decided to keep the changes minimal- but it’s amazing how different it feels! And bedding was a huge part of that.

I partnered with The Company Store to make all my “big boy room” dreams for Zane come true. So fun to use these colors after three girls! Here we go! …

It’s so incredibly comfortable. I always ask Zane at bedtime, “Do you feel safe and cozy?” This bedding is a huge part of why the answer is always, “Yes!” It’s like being in a fluffy cloud. I wanted some layering for the cold months ahead, so I ordered the Lacrosse Down Blanket in the color sage at the foot of the bed. Plus a pop of green is always a good idea:) Something else that really makes it cozy are the super soft plaid flannel pillow cases. Love them!

My favorite color combo these days is blue with orange, so I couldn’t resist the deep orange euro shams in the back.

Side note, that gamer wall art is from Hobby Lobby last year.

Another small (but big!) change was the drapes! The drapes that were here were hung too low and the rod has been bent for years. It’s amazing what you kind of just live with, right? Just wasn’t high on the “fix it” list:


I’m so excited to show you what a difference this made. We got a new curtain rod and light blocking drapes from The Company Store and hung them to the ceiling. Check this out!


Love! Looks so much better. And a bit more high end. Definitely a room he can grow in to. But in the mean time, I’m so happy to see all of his legos on display and “little kid” things he loves in this area:

Nothing fancy here, guys. It’s a nine year old’s room, so I kept things simple and practical. Lego storage isn’t magazine worthy. Lol! It is what it is! You can find the cube/bookcase thing here.

Another big impact change? The new ceiling light! We took down the old fussy Ikea light and traded it for this clean, matte black simple semi-flush.



Find it HERE.

I’ll be sharing another corner of his room next week! It’s his homework station, or just a place to sit and draw or craft or read, and it looks so great! Stay tuned for that! In the meantime, you can shop this post below!

Shop the post…

Cheers to getting back to sharing with you all!


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  1. Lynn says:

    So glad you’re back with posts I get in my email. I’ve missed you, Haneen!

  2. Lyric says:

    It looks GREAT, love the drapes. Glad I stopped by today. 🙂

  3. Lyric says:

    P.S. now I’ve got to stop by Instagram to see if you you’ve posted more pics of his room there…I’m really curious about what is in the picture frames to the right of the window. 🙂

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