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Hi there! So, today I thought I’d show you how I went about making the marquee letter that hangs above my son’s crib! I’ll start by saying, this was over his crib and I plugged it in often up until he was capable of standing up and reaching it. After that point I unplugged the cord portion of it, and now it simply sits as a decorative “Z” without the option of being lit. I couldn’t risk him yanking the cord and having the whole thing topple down on him, and truly, not being able to light it up is no biggie- I mostly just lit it when people were coming over! Lol! It’s pretty bright with all of those bulbs, so the lamp on his nightstand was better task lighting for reading at night. With that said, I don’t regret making it one bit! It’s totally adorable, and I love a good DIY!


I made this three years ago. Zane was still in my belly, and I remember hiding it in the closet so no one could see it and guess his name or in case we changed our minds about his name! At the time, I wasn’t really thinking, “Hey, take photos step by step of this in case you have a blog someday!” So, my apologies that I can’t offer that, but I will show you a photo of the back of it and explain it all to you…


I bought the cardboard letter from Joann’s Fabric. I decided to paint it a bright yellow, and after that, I used a pencil to make tiny “X’s” where I wanted the bulbs to be. I used string lights from Target. I cut the backing off of the letter, and basically stuffed the back of the letter with the cord. I then unscrewed the bulbs so I could push the base of the lights through the “X’s.” Before I did that, I used an exacto knife to cut the “X’s” so it was easy to push through. When that was all done, I replaced the bulbs on the front side, attached an extension cord so it would reach an outlet, and hesitantly hammered three holes in the wallpaper! There really isn’t any other way to hang this since the back is removed. So I just had to hammer three nails horizontally and level out the top of the Z on them liike this.





My word! Apparently I needed to vacuum before I photographed this! Pardon the fuzz. Scratch that. Your computer screen is dusty. Let’s go with that;)



So there you have it! Kids’ rooms are probably my favorite to design. I like a touch of “quirky” in all of my rooms, and it seems to be most acceptable in kids’ rooms, so it’s easy to go a little crazy! Although let’s be honest, I never care about what’s “acceptable.” 


All of my kids’ rooms have won Project of the Week on Project Nursery. To see more photos of this room, and the story behind the details, please click HERE. To see the Project Nursery article on this room, click HERE.


Think this is something you’d want to try? Let me know your thoughts on this, and please ask questions if you have any! Thank you for visiting!





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