Winter Mantel

I’ve created a Winter Wonderland! On my mantel, that is! I love this holiday season. Sometimes I struggle decorating for it in my family room because I use mostly autumnal colors in there. I explained in my last post how I’ve gone about removing all traces of orange in my family room, but I still find with chocolate brown drapes and olive green walls, that bright greens and reds don’t seem to work well in there. So instead of forcing traditional Christmas colors, I went all neutral with my fireplace decor and I coudn’t be happier! It looks magical, and it was so easy and inexpensive!














We back to woods, so I started by heading outside and cutting off a random branch from an inconspicuous spot on a tree back there. I removed any remaining dead leaves, and with some twine, suspended it from the top of my fireplace. I’ve never been afraid of putting holes in my walls! I limited it to five holes, and they’re hidden amongst the dental molding, so I have no issues with it. Someone else may feel differently (i.e. my husband) but truly, unless someone looks really closely, they’re not going to spot these tiny holes from far away! I really just needed the holes for the branch and large snowflakes. The small “snowballs” and string of mini bulbs are all hung from the branch itself, so no holes necessary for those! The “MERRY” sign and snowflake garland are from Home Goods (as are the chairs, pillows, fur throw, and fun truck down there), the large snowflakes are from Hobby Lobby, the fur wreath is from Target, and snowball ornaments/trees are from At Home. I used pillow stuffing to create the look of snow on the mantel and just kind of went about stuffing things into it to create an etherial vignette that’s equal parts soft and fun! 


Can’t wait to share more details in a Holiday Home Tour I have coming up with other fabulous designer friends. Stay tuned!





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