Vintage Book Christmas Tree


Hi, all! I know you all know I’ve become Crazy Green Book Lady. My collection is growing by the minute and I just love it! I’ve honestly been able to move them around the house and do so many things with them. My latest and greatest is thanks to this awesome “tree” shelf I found at Home Goods!




It actually came with a base that was the “trunk” of the tree, but I removed it so it could lay flat on my vintage suitcases. I love that they serve as the trunk!



Another Home Goods find is this wooden tree topper. It’s actually a large ornament that came with a rope for hanging. I cut the rope and adhered it to the wall with the sticky tack stuff, and threw in a few gold ornaments to bring some sparkle. 



One last little DIY was the round, green gift boxes. They came with a pattern and a red printed bow on top. I had extra green paint from this foyer project, so I picked two shades, painted the boxes to coordinate, and threw them on a small, faux fur rug (also from Home Goods) to add texture and a little warmth to this vignette.


I really love this! It’s a great alternative to an actual Christmas tree, or just a fun idea for an additional one in the house. What do you think?


Cheers to getting creative this holiday season!



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