Christmas Console Table

Hi there! I showed a peek at this new console table over on Instagram a bit ago, but I wanted to share it filled with some holiday cheer:)



I picked this shelving unit out because I loved the idea of it filled with all of my green books. It’ll be more filled in after Christmas, since the majority of my books are filling up my foyer “tree”



But for now, the leftovers are still making a statement and I love it! I found these beautiful new lamps from Home Goods, and stole some decor from my mantel to make this corner more festive. I found the “merry” sign from Home Goods last year as well.







Shop this room… 


How are you all doing on your end? I feel like the holiday season really crept up on me this year. I felt ahead of the game in October because I had all of these grandiose ideas in my head that I was planning. Suddenly, November was almost nonexistent and I’ve been running around like a crazy person trying to bring these ideas to life! With Better Homes & Gardens coming in January to shoot for next year’s Christmas issue, it’s made me feel like I have extra time to decorate for the holidays. But when it comes down to it, the longer I wait, the more stores are running out of things I planned on getting. So my mind is all over the place right now! Add in the fact that I’ve barely done any Christmas shopping for my family, and the stress is snowballing. Somehow I need to remind myself that in the end, the snowballing does indeed make a snowman, which is this cheery thing that makes you happy. Listen to me- I’m so tired and distracted that I’m making super corny analogies that make no sense. Regardless, this is what I call “fun stress.” I think I’m just currently having a hard time reminding myself of that when I’m at my laptop trying to work and the kids are home from school on a “snow day” yelling “Mom!” every two seconds and I’m pulled in a million different directions. And ya know what else? Why do playdates now-a-days have to consist of us taking them places?? What happened to a friend coming over and just “hanging out” and finding stuff to do around the house?? Suddenly it’s Starbucks and some sort of store or Sky Zone. I say this as I listen to one of my kids calling me from the next room, asking me to take her and her friend to Five Below. Put a fork in me guys. I’m done. And it isn’t even Christmas break yet. Do I sound like Scrooge? Lol I’m just ready for New Year’s Eve. When everything’s officially decorated, gifts have been purchased and opened, and a glass of wine is in my hand, ready to ring in a new year! I’m excited for what 2018 will bring, but still cherishing the decorating and the writing and even the sound of “Mooommm!” as much as I can:)


Cheers, friends!


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