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Hi, guys! Currently typing from the plane, on our way to Florida for Spring Break! When we return, our hardwood floors from Home Depot are getting installed! I could not be more excited. It’s amazing the change that’s to come to our entire first floor. I wanted to write up a quick blog post and first…. show you what flooring we chose! If you watch my Instagram stories, you saw me move the samples all over my house! Thank you to everyone who gave their input! I went back and forth between a light stain and a medium-dark stain, and the winner was inevitably…



The darker one!!!




Friends, it’s called Hickory Sunset, and you can find it on Home Depot’s website by clicking HERE. I was really drawn to the warm, rich hue. The light one was fresh and airy, but when it came down to it, my home has a lot of moody, rich color, and I felt it would best be accentuated by the darker wood.  I know, so many of you said that darker floors show everything, but I think the variation in color will hide more than you think. Stay tuned!


In the mean time, I have staircases on the brain! Here’s ours in its current state…



The orange oak on our staircase has got to go! It obviously won’t match the new flooring, so I’ve been brainstorming how we can transform it into something beautiful and cohesive. I would love to replace the spindles with modern, black iron ones, but I just don’t think that’s currently in our budget. We have a double staircase so that’s a lot of spindles! 81 to be exact. Pretty sure that’ll equate to approximately one billion dollars. Roughly. Lol But honestly, after browsing online, I’ve come across such beautiful staircases painted black! Here are some of my favorites I found on Pinterest…


 Image from Remodelista


 Image from @28interiordesign


 Image source unknown 🙁

Image from Salad For President  via Design Sponge


Image from SFGirl Bay 


 Image from Country Living


Are you convinced yet? This next image is what really sold me. Look at the gorgeousness! And the wood flooring is a similar stain to what we have going in!


 Image from Zoffany


I questioned leaving the spindles white, but honestly, these all black beauties are really making me lean towards painting it all. What do you think? Too much darkness? Or moody, rich goodness? I do plan on painting our entire foyer as well. The creamy yellow/ivory on the walls has never done much for me. I’m thinking of brightening it up and going all white. I know, who am I? I’m a color girl at heart, but I think my home needs a fresh palette when you first walk in. There’s plenty of color throughout the rest of the home;) So, can you picture it? White walls, black stairscase, and rich darker hardwood floors? Coming soon, friends! I’m so excited!


In the meantime, be sure to follow along on Instagram next week. I’m headed to High Point Market in North Carolina (you can read more about it by clicking HERE) and I’m excited to show you everything there! I’ll be going on the Design Bloggers Tour on Sunday and Monday. Tuesday I’ll be doing an Instagram Takeover for the @designonhpmkt feed! Yay! Check these hashtags regularly! #HPMKT #designbloggerstour



Holy smokes! I’m in the company of some very talented people in the design industry! Super honored to be chosen for this fun task! I’ll be posting all of my favorite finds… my kind of business trip!


Alright, friends. I started this post on the plane, and I’m wrapping it up a few nights later, outside at night while watching the kids swim. We’ve had so much fun! Talk soon…






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