Prepping For Holiday Guests

I can’t believe October has come to a close! As sad as I am to see the trees become bare, I’m SO excited for the upcoming holiday season! There’s nothing like the warmth of being with family and friends this time of year, and I’ve teamed up with Serena and Lily to bring you tips for prepping your home for guests.

So, we technically don’t have a guest room. Our home has four bedrooms, and we’re a family of six- so they’re all occupied! But, what we do is offer our bed to out of town guests, and I most certainly take the time to freshen the bedding before they arrive. This year, I took it a step further by ordering the most exquisite bed linens I’ve ever owned!

*Serena and Lily gifted me items in this post, but all opinions are my own.

The biggest thing that comes to mind when I think of spending the night in a bed that isn’t my own- is wanting to feel comfort; wanting to feel a sense of “home away from home.” So for guests, new bedding was a great start. And I went for it all.

Serena and Lily sheets are best-in-class. I opted for the Solana sheet set in the color “fog.” I loved the texture of the fringe detail on the edges…

Cozy comfort is all about layering, so I went for two things on top- the Solana Duvet Cover, also in fog, and the Sutter Linen Quilt in white. I wanted a little bit of dimension, and that meant not having everything the same color. It’s still all very neutral though, so texture is key. I love the stitching on the linen quilt against the simple/smooth duvet cover…

What really takes the cake when it came to adding texture though, were the Montauk shams and adorable Auckland pillow up front!

I used this pillow insert.

Every room needs a touch of whimsy, and this sweet pillow is just that. Reminds me of this sweater I just bought for our family photos!

Clearly, not one of the professional shots. Lol! Here’s a shot in the same sweater, different color, so you can take me more seriously:) …

Find the sweater by clicking HERE

Ok, so I really love how all of the bedding pieces are so versatile and work beautifully together. The layering is what feels the most cozy to me! It really is so comfortable.

There are a couple more things I suggest in regards to making your house feel like “home” for your guests. I always love having fresh flowers on the nightstand.

And speaking of fresh.. fresh towels are a must. The Sonoma collection is blowing me away. So soft!

I ordered the Sonoma hand towels and bath towels in the color “fog” to coordinate with the bedding, and for washcloths, I went with the Napa collection, just to spice it up. Again, when going for a monochromatic look, keep things interesting by going with things that add different textures and/or patterns.

Lastly, you want to make sure your guests have access to certain things that they don’t want to feel like they’re “bugging” you for. I’m leaving this tray of bottled water out, along with a phone charger. And I’d also suggest leaving a notecard on the tray with your Wifi password!

There you have it, friends! Beautiful new bedding from Serena and Lily, just in time for the holiday season! Have fun creating a safe haven for friends and family! Let me know if there’s anything special you do for your guests that I may have missed! I love learning from each other in this community!

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  1. Mickey says:

    One thing I do is pick up hand made soap at Whole Foods and put them I a little basket with the towels. WF soap smells so good (floral, herbal, etc,) and is so beautiful, it looks good enough to eat!. Honestly, it looks like big chunks of fudge. Best to put the dish of mints (I also do that) near the pillows and the soap near the towels.

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