Halloween Table Centerpiece of Bones

Over the weekend, we had our annual family Halloween gathering! This is always such a fun time of year for us, and I’ve always loved being the aunt who insists on having a party every October for the kids, even if they’re mostly teens now and too cool for costumes! 🙂

So, with the older ones in mind, I wanted to add some creepy flare to our seasonal decor.

Nothing says “spooky” like a pile of bones, so I made a quick trip to Home Depot, grabbed two inexpensive bags of bones, and arranged them throughout the center of the kitchen table. I made sure to stagger the heights with piles of old vintage books, and then brought in some brass candlesticks for good measure.

This is all down a black velvet table runner, and for some added texture, I stretched some cobwebs as well. Quick tip: the thinner you stretch the faux cobwebs, the more realistic they look! If you look below you can see a good example of this. The cobwebs in the center look better than the ones to the left where I didn’t stretch them more.

Here it is as it started to get dark outside…

And here it is looking into the family room…

Did you spot my new drapes? Technically, they aren’t new. I stole them from our office. I love the added color and warmth. I just had to raise the drapery rod to accommodate the 96″ length, which I actually think does wonders for making the room look taller!

I’m obsessed with this studded box I found at a Home Goods! It’s hiding our remotes!

Scroll and shop…

There you have it! Easy, seasonal decor! I didn’t do much this year, but what I did do, I think packs a punch! Are you hosting anything fun this month? Give this a try and show me how it goes!

Happy October!


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