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Ok, friends, here’s the deal. I started writing a blog post wrapping up 2018 and recapping some highlights from the year, but guess what happened? I got FULLY SUCKED IN to organizing my pantry. I entered a deep, dark abyss of utter and complete chaos today. I’m braving it, guys, and showing you what it looked like, before. BRACE YOURSELVES. And please still like me after this offensive image hurts your eyeballs. Lol.



Ok, ok. It’s downright embarrassing, I know. Here’s the deal. I have NO IDEA how it got like this. I mean, isn’t it bizarre how things accumulate and get crazy and you get so use to the absurdity of it all that you turn a blind eye to it? Or am I the only person who does that and I currently sound like a crazy person making excuses? Can I blame my four kids? The dog? Ok, whatevs. Let’s just get to the after shot…



I seriously can’t stop walking in to just stare. I know this isn’t a glamorous post. I know it’s not perfect and the shelves could use a fresh coat of paint. But let’s be serious- this is a massive improvement!


Where I started…


The first thing I did was go through every food item and toss everything that was expired. Did I find a bag of last year’s Halloween candy? Yes. Did I find two boxes of Girl Scout cookies from last year that I never gave to someone who ordered them? Also, yes.


What got categorized…


This was honestly what got me super sucked in. I became obsessed with everything having a designated/contained space. I ran to Home Goods and grabbed a bunch of different baskets and got to work. In a perfect world, I would’ve gone somewhere where I could get all baskets that matched in color/style, but I had a Home Goods gift card and “free” took precedent over “matching.” Lol.  The two biggest ones were used for chip bags for the kids’ lunches, and bread.



But the real work came in organizing the kids craft supplies! Folks, the struggle was real. We had stacks of overflowing coloring books and school papers, and all of the crayons, markers, and colors pencils were in one large ziplock bag. One thing I’ve realized is that stuff will get used when it’s accessible and easy to see. I separated all medias into their own smaller bins. This included gathering all of the loose erasers into one bin and all of the random pencil sharpeners we had into another.



This freed up lots of space in that spinny black thing. Erasers and pencil sharpeners were crowding everything else. So now, there’s only pens, pencils, scissors/holepunch, and glue in there.



I bought two separate clear bins to organize the playdoh. One holds the playdoh, the other holds all of the playdoh tools/toys.



And then I went back to Home Goods and grabbed a few more white bins for random things… one houses any cans we have, one for extra crafts, and one for random nails/screws/nuts/bolts.


I try to have things organized by shelf. Upper shelf is more breakfast/sweet foods. Shelf below that is chips/salty snacks. Shelf below that is dinner stuff. I did a little rearranging (because of things like… why was a George Foreman grill taking up space on a shelf while our coffee maker was sitting on the floor?? When was the last time we used a George Foreman grill? 2001?) And when all was said and done, I swept the floor, sprayed a nice scent in there, and marveled at the awesomeness of it all.


What storage space in your home can you tackle today? What have you been inattentive to, that you know would make you breathe easier if it was cleaned up and neatly organized? I’m not an organization guru, but I can tell you honestly that dedicating a day to this felt SO GOOD. I can actually see what we need to buy. And the kids can easily find what supplies they’re looking for. It’s amazing. A classic, “why didn’t I do this sooner?” project! I highly recommend!


Cheers to starting the year off right! 


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