Painted Shoes

Hello, hello! Well, I’ve had a super busy week trying to prep for two upcoming trips. Staying up late a few nights to paint shoes wasn’t exactly on my to-do list. Lol But when I get an idea in my head, I just gotta run with it. So, two nights of some tiny paint brushes, left-over paint, and good tunes have led to some one-of-a-kind shoes that I’m pretty excited about. I almost said “stoked about,” but do people still say that?? I think I’m aging myself. Anyway, let me show you what these bad boys looked like “before” and I’ll give you the back story…





I literally wore these shoes one time. I bought them three years ago for Zane’s first birthday party. The party was outdoors, and the grass was a little damp, so the leather was ruined with little water spots and discoloration. I was cleaning out my garage recently and came across them, and I was about to toss them out, but the idea came to me to paint them. I’m not even sure why. Maybe because there’s actually so much material to work with. Seemed almost wasteful to toss them out when I could have a little fun playing with them. Or maybe more than anything I just wanted an excuse to try something new. So off I went marking lines with a pen and a straight edge. Suddenly it turned into wanting to match my foyer.



So that’s exactly what I did! I used the leftover paint from the foyer project. Prior to painting, I marked the different geometric shapes on the shoes with initials to indicate what color went where. Initially, I taped off the zipper and the bottom of the shoe, and I was even planning on taping off the lines for perfect straight edges, but I realized it was easier to rip the tape off and just wing it with a tiny brush. I’m pretty sure the process made me cross-eyed, but I’m pleased with the outcome:)











I shared a sneak peek in my Instastories yesterday, and I really appreciate all of the fun feedback I’ve received! Thank you tons for always being supportive of my wacky ideas. Is this for everyone? Nope. Is it a practical shoe that’ll match a ton of stuff? Nope. But is it shades of my favorite color and something that’ll make me smile when I slide them on? Yup! And that’s all that matters! And hey, I saved them from being thrown away! It’s like I just got a brand new pair of shoes, but for free! I like that price tag:)





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