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It’s done! Our closet is done and you are not going to believe this transformation, friends! It was BAD. Zero hidden storage, a disastrous mess of shelving, overly cramped rods- just an unorganized mess! Which is a shame because it’s a great size walk-in closet (roughly 7×14 ft). Leave it to quarantining during a worldwide pandemic (and a call from Closets by Liberty) to get my butt moving on this! Let’s get these embarrassing “before” shots over with. Hold your judgements, Karen. Lol! I’m a busy mom of four, and organization isn’t my strong suit. Until now, that is;)

This post is a paid collaboration with Closets By Liberty. All opinions are my own.


Yikes. Lol. Note that we even had some of Zane’s clothes hanging in here! What a disaster. Ok, so the first thing we did was remove everything, and start fresh. I painted a feature wall using Frog Tape® and nail heads, and of course replaced the lighting…

Light // Bench // Rug


Another Before…

Can you feel my cheeks turning red? Embarrassing.




My side:

It was so nice to get rid of the one long rod on “my side,” and install a system that has designated sections that made it easy to organize my clothes! I have a section for skirts, pants, short sleeves, long sleeves, sleeveless, “work” clothes/blazers, shorter dresses and longer dresses. I can finally see everything, and attempting to bundle things by color has helped a lot too.

Heck yes to that jewelry drawer! I was so happy to see that Closets by Liberty offers different depths of drawers! All I kept dreaming about was a row of deeper drawers for pjs and tshirts, and then a top skinny drawer to fit a jewelry organizer. I LOVE IT.

So happy with this hardware! The system comes with brushed nickel hardware, which is lovely! But I was excited to switch them up to coordinate with the gold in the light and bench

This personalized box was a gift from one of my BFFs for being a bridesmaid in her wedding:)

Can we talk about hangers? They changed everything! Pass the plastic hangers to the kids, folks. It’s time for some adulting. Lol! Not even kidding- matching hangers make me feel like a grown up. Find the velvet ones here and the wood pant hangers here.

His side:

He has more than two pairs of shoes, I promise. Lol! He just keeps the majority of his shoes downstairs:)

Let’s talk about that shoe section. So, it’s the one area of the closet that we kept. I was always determined to add shelves in between the shelves so that it could be a spot just for shoes. I’m really proud of us because we were able to match the shelving by using the pre-existing shelving that was over the old rods. All we had to do was cut the length down to size, and nail in some support pieces underneath. The awesome thing is, if this isn’t something you can do, you can customize the Closets By Liberty system with more shelves and have a spot designated for shoes within the system.

Before adding the shoes, I was able to put a coat of scuff-resistant paint by Benjamin Moore. Perfect for projects like this (and think pantries or mudrooms) because look how sad it looked prior:

Of course I forgot to take an image of this before it was covered in paint! I’m a messy DIYer, friends.

So, the one unfinished spot would be the space between the shoe area and where my husband’s system starts. I ordered an 8 ft system for his side because it was just shy of fitting the 10 ft one. So I’m currently brainstorming what to do in that space. I’ve considering putting a hook there for my robe, maybe some carryon luggage, or I’ve thought about making that a spot for necklaces since I ordered three of these that hang on a wall. We shall see!

On my side, I was able to fit 14 ft worth of storage! AMAZING! I ordered the 10 ft. system and the 4 ft. system. It’s wonderful because it just reads as one long piece. Everything fits together beautifully and easily.

Let’s talk assembly…

You guys, I did this all by myself. The instructions were so clear. There were no guessing games at all. Sometimes you purchase something that needs to be put together, and the instructions might as well be in another language! This was not the case, I promise. The illustrations were extremely helpful, and honestly once I put the first few feet together, I didn’t even need directions for the rest. I had my husband come in at the end and put the wall anchors at the top to secure everything, but that’s it.

What I love…

There’s lots to love about this system. I love that you can customize the system to fit your needs. You can add more of anything- more shelves, more drawers, more rods. And everything is easily movable. Once you install a drawer, it isn’t stuck there. I tried out a couple of different arrangements of shelves and such, and it’s so easy to pull a lever and have a drawer or shelf release itself to be moved elsewhere. This came in handy when figuring out what height was most comfortable for me to reach. And it helped to insure I made the best use of space! The last 4 ft. on my side is for all of my dresses, but since there was a good amount of space underneath where those hung, I put two drawers under them. One of them holds our swimsuits and the other has my husband’s ties. You can decide what works best for you!

Thank you so much for your excitement over this project! I appreciate you all following along! Please let me know if you have any questions regarding my Closets By Liberty systems! Thank you so much to Closets by Liberty for sponsoring this post, and Benjamin Moore for supplying the paint.

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  1. Dee says:

    Amazing as usual!

  2. Char says:

    I’ve been waiting for this reveal!!!! Love it!!!! Love the light, love the wall, love the system & love that it was diy! Looks fantastic! 🙂

  3. Haley says:

    Love!!! Would you put a mirror in the empty space? I love having a mirror in my walk in (which looks closer to your before than after). Even though I have another full length right outside the closet door- it’s nice to be able to quick glance at an outfit. And especially if your jewelry is in there!

  4. Christine says:

    Haneen this is truly amazing!! Just the motivation I needed. Thank you for sharing 💖🎉

  5. Jenny says:

    This looks amazing! Such a huge transformation. The clean linesman my head and heart feel so calm.
    Also, I need to create a more colorful wardrobe like yours!
    I love the idea of necklace holders in the awkward space. I think it would be amazing to have some knobs/hooks just fastened directly to the wall kinda staggered. 2, then one centers a little below, 2, then one centered A little below. And keep on going. Can you picture it? I think it would be so unique and artistic

  6. Tamara says:

    Haneen I’m SO jealous! What a fabulously modern and glamorous space!! I’m in dire need of a closet makeover and this gives me so much inspiration…well done my friend! Xox

  7. Ashley says:

    This came out beautifully!!! Well done!

  8. Cheryl says:

    Can you show detail and how-to on the nailhead feature wall?

  9. Candie says:

    I am oooing and aweing over here! The separate sections for the hanging clothes, the beautiful shoe storage, that light fixture!Well done!!

  10. TEENIE says:


    sometimes just purging is a huge daunting task that takes days, you went above and beyond and effort was well worth it. Success in my book!

  11. Rosemary says:

    Haneen, your closet is beautiful – the feature wall, light fixture, and overall layout. While many of us ate, drank, and watched too much TV, you completed the One Room Challenge and this closet, while managing everyday life during the pandemic. You’re a rockstar! Bravo!

  12. Julie says:

    Love it! Quick question – did you need to prime before using the Benjamin Moore Scuff X paint? I’m very interested in painting my pantry.

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