Our New Puppy!

A Belated Merry Christmas! How was your holiday? Ours was quite eventful, as we decided to surprise our kids with a puppy! If you follow my Instagram videos, you know my 8 year old daughter has been begging for one! I’m talking, the girl has a puppy shrine in her bedroom- there are puppy drawings plastered all over one wall. It’s the sweetest thing! And the closer it got to Christmas, the more we realized we wanted to go for it! We found it the Friday before Christmas, and then came the tricky part…


I really wanted a Christmas morning surprise. I’d been looking on YouTube for ideas on how to surprise the kids. Let me tell you, if you feel like crying, go watch some of those videos. So many sweet Christmas surprises online! My husband’s cousin offered to keep the puppy for the few days leading up to Christmas, which was such a lifesaver! But even with him staying elsewhere, the closer it got, the more we realized: A) We were way too excited to bring him home and show the kids (no patience, I tell ya!), and B) We couldn’t really figure out the logistics of going to get him Christmas morning (his cousin lives 40 minutes away). What if the kids got up before my husband got back with the dog? What if he barked in the car while we waited to bring him in? So, we decided to let them open “one gift” early, on Christmas Eve.



 He’s a goldendoodle!


Honestly, it could not have gone better. I’ve watched the video what feels like a thousand times! I’m rather obnoxious in it. I’m squealing and trying not to cry as I’m watching their reactions. We told the kids to wait in the basement while we situated their gifts. While they were down there, my husband brought the dog in and set it in our office and shut the door (thank goodness he stayed quiet!) We brought the kids up, sat them in the family room, and gave them each a box to unwrap with something dog-related inside. Collar, chew toys, etc. Once they opened the boxes and went nuts figuring it out, my husband opened the office door and the dog came strolling into the family room. TEARS!! TEARS, I SAY!  It was magical and everything I thought it would be!!


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So, next came finding a name! If you know me, you know I’m a music lover, and I really wanted a music-oriented name. The kids gave a hard “no” to Iggy, Ozzy, Floyd, Weiland, Eddie, Jagger, Mayer, Miles, Lennon, Ringo, Ramone, Clapton, Eddie, etc. Lol I even tried my favorite designers and suggested Berkus and Adler. Lol! Nope! They looked at me like, “Huh?” So…. my husband suggested Gibson, like the guitar, and a good reference to former Detroit Tiger Kirk Gibson, and the kids said yes!! Wahoo! So Gibson it is; Gibby or Gibs for short.


 His first trip to the vet!


He has been such a good dog! I know he’ll definitely find his voice, but for now, he’s been pretty quiet! He barked at another dog at the vet today and I thought it was the cutest thing! He’s learning to go potty outside pretty quickly, and he’s been pretty much sleeping through the night, so I’m super thankful. Four kids is hard enough work as it is! I need an easy dog! Granted, he’s pulled an ornament or two from the Christmas trees and likes to tug on our shag rug, but we’ll keep him;)


Thank you so much for showing me your excitement for our newest addition! I decided to post the “surprise” video on my Facebook page. To watch it, click HERE, but don’t say I didn’t warn you in regards to my high pitched squeals! Grab some earplugs! Lol!


So excited to share a project I’m working on next. Stay tuned! And Happy New Year!









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