Powder Bathroom Plans!

Hello, all! Happy 2018! Let me start by thanking you for following along in 2017! It was an eventful year in Blog Land, with three business-related trips: one to NYC last January with Home Goods, one to Atlanta in July for the Haven Conference, and another back to NYC in September for the Better Homes & Gardens Style Maker event. I’ve loved every second of it, and these opportunities wouldn’t come my way if you didn’t invest some interest in what I do. I thank you so much for that, truly. And I’m excited to start off the new year with a fun project to show you!


I’ve got a powder bathroom makeover in motion! As the year was ending, my brain was constantly in overdrive thinking of what’s “next.” Sometimes I wonder if it’s part of being a blogger, but when it comes down to it, I’ve always been this way. I remember visiting a friend in Chicago years ago and she was in the process of moving, so her whole place was packed up and we slept on a mattress on the floor. All I could think about as I was falling asleep that night in an empty room, staring at her fabulous exposed brick, was how I would design the space if I lived there. That’s just always been me: falling asleep thinking about furniture layout, art placement, paint colors, etc. I live for it, and I’m excited that this next project, albeit small, is exciting on my end!


I never share my bathrooms or my kitchen, and that’s soley because none of those rooms are my taste. So, I’m finally tackling one of them: the powder bathroom next to our garage. This’ll be a tricky one to share, because it’s small and there’s no window for natural light. Photographing it will be interesting, but we’ll make do, and the exciting part is that we’ll get to see it every day in the flesh, and that’s really all that matters. Sure, social media shares, likes, and comments always feel like a virtual pat on the back, but when it comes down to it, I design these spaces because I actually live here. I want to feel a certain way when I walk into a room. Do the rooms in your home evoke certain emotions? They should! We often become complacent with our surroundings because “this is what it looked like when we moved in,” or “I’ve been meaning to change it but haven’t gotten around to it.” I literally walked into this powder bathroom recently and chuckled, because nothing about it speaks to who I am as an artist. The sad mustard walls and black countertops are just there because they’re there. Style should have purpose. I get it, interior design isn’t saving lives. But you do indeed LIVE in your home, so you should love what you see when you walk into it.


So, let’s get to these sad before photos and talk about the plan. These are all photos taken with my phone. I promise, the “AFTER” photos will be better quality!





I mean, right? Those walls are a mighty yellow! Lol. Not sure what I was thinking way back when. And now, for the plan!


First things first: with no natural light, I want to LIGHTEN THINGS UP! We’ll start with covering the walls with the white herringbone patterned wallpaper from Milton & King. It’s a fun, graphic, modern design, and the neutral backdrop is the perfect way to allow for fun pops of color. Are you surprised to see the color I’m adding is GREEN? #favoritecolor  We’ll get to the green in a bit.


Next up, I’m replacing the black granite counter with this sleek one from Home Depot



I’m super excited about how easy this will be to clean. I love that the sink is integrated! Not a fan of under-mount sinks, to be honest. We actually installed this on New Year’s Eve! My sweet brother-in-law came over with his family and helped us demo and replace that old sucker! 



To freshen up the vanity, I’m giving it a coat of black paint, and changing out the knobs for long, modern champagne bronnze pulls.They’re such a nice compliment to the Delta faucet I picked out! Both are from Home Depot…







I love how sleek this faucet is! Can a faucet be sexy? Cause this one is, I tell ya!


As for the mirror in the mood board, I’m not 100% sure that’s the one I’m going with, but if you’re interested in it, you can find it HERE.


Let’s get to the pops of color!


Guys, as much as I love wallpaper, and the one I chose, I was a little worried about the practicality of paper with four kids (and now a dog!) I also wasn’t sure if the herringbone pattern would be “too much” from floor to ceiling, and since I was looking for a way to introduce color anyway, I decided to pick out some trim for a chair rail and paint the bottom portion of the wall green! This will look SO fabulous with the new art I picked out from Minted!

I love that one large piece will take the place of the multiple pieces that were on this wall. Keeping it simple! Also, I’m moving the placement of the towel rack. My youngest was contantly climbing on the toilet to reach the towel, and then he’d leave the towel on the sink when he was finished. I’m going to add a small towel ring on the wall that’s to the right side of the sink for easier access. And then over the toilet, I’d like to add this acrylic shelf from CB2



I love this shelf because it gives me an opportunity to display a few things on top, but more importantly, I’m going to fill the lower part with some of my green vintage books:) I just can’t resist! They’re creeping their way into every room in the house, and I’m not mad about it. Just a fun dose of green to match the art. What I love about this plan, is that as much as I LOVE color, the foundation of this bathroom is a simple black, white, and gold plan. Art and books (and even the paint on the lower part of the walls) can be switched out whenever I’m in the mood for new colors:)


So far,the trim is up and the sink and faucet are in.



Next up, I need to buy the paint for the wall and the vanity, then install the wallpaper and new light from Sazerac Stitches. I chose the light below, but in a black finish. They have this chrome option, and a brass optionas well. The brass was gorgeous, but not quite the same “gold” as the faucet, so I decided black was the safest option.



So, there you have it! Something tells me, pretty soon I won’t be chuckling when I walk into this room! Nothing is more satisfying than walking into a finished space that you love. Stay tuned for that!






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