One Room Challenge: Week Three

We’re half way through the One Room Challenge? Say whaaat?! First of all, you can catch up by seeing Week One HERE and Week Two HERE. As for this week, there’s less to show and more to just tell you this week. I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed with decision making (why can’t I commit to a backsplash choice??) and while some things have gotten checked off the list, other things are looming over me. Let’s discuss…


Upper cabinets are finished being painted. They’re still sitting in my dining room leaning against a wall waiting to be hung back up. The painters’ progress this week has been a bit slower. They’ll come for an hour here and there, putting a coat of paint on and then saying they’ll be back tomorrow when that coat is dry. So many layers and steps to getting it done right. Which is fine because I do want them done right more than I want them done quickly. (Duh)



They’ve started priming the lowers, but even after those are done, they don’t want to hang those back up til counters are installed to avoid any accidental “dings” during that process. I respect it, I’m just tired of staring at the exposed mess in my cabinets. I will say, I’ve gone through every cabinet and thrown out things and organized and it feels so good, but I want what’s left tucked behind cabinet doors. I don’t know how people do open shelving! 


Speaking of open shelving, you all know part of the plan is open shelving in the butler’s pantry. This, I’m excited for! I love a small amount of open shelving to play around with accessories and color.  The shelving came in from Blissopia and they’re GORGEOUS! Super high quality and just the right stain color.



So here’s where the drama comes in, and I about had a meltdown in the middle of the Tile Shop after reading a text from our carpenter. I was sitting there in the marble aisle, stressing out about polished vs. honed tile and struggling with fireplace decisions for the Frog Tape Challenge (stay tuned for that!) when I received a text that didn’t put my mind at ease. So here’s what’s happening. The sink was suppose to get installed but, yet again, couldn’t. The first time we had to cancel the appointment because we needed to get the granite cut out around the old sink and remove the old sink before they came. Did that…




But what we were left with was one open space, and I thought, how on earth phentermine 37.5 no prescription does this new heavy sink get installed? What does it sit on? Where does it attach? So I texted a photo to our plumber, to which they replied, “You need your carpenter to built a structure for the new sink to sit on.” Ummmm, why wasn’t I already told that? All I knew was that the cabinetry below would need to get fixed. Fine, no big deal. What IS a big deal is that I had to cancel the counter people coming out to measure for template. They can’t do it til the sink is installed! And the text I got from my carpenter said, “I don’t do that- usually the plumber takes care of that.” Hmmmm. Interesting, because the plumber says the carpenter does that. Sighhhhh. Well, I found another carpenter who was kind enough to come over at almost 9pm last night to take measurements so he could go home and start building what he needs to build asap. Fingers crossed he calls to let me know it’s done quickly so I can get the plumbers back out here to install the sink and then the counter people out to measure.


Am I regretting deciding on an apron front sink? Kind of. I just didn’t realize all that’s involved with getting one installed and it’s prolonged other things that has me freaking out on time. I will say, it’s a beautiful sink! Hopefully it’s one of those things that I’ll say was worth it in the end.



Lighting is officially ordered. Range hood gets installed tomorrow. And the new chairs have arrived! I haven’t put them together yet to show you. I feel like there’s no room to do anything around here. Lol There’s boxes everywhere! And our dining room table is topped with bags of stuff that filled our kitchen drawers! 



It’s a bit crazy around here, but I know in a matter of weeks this will all be worth the crazy! For now, I’m really looking forward to date night this weekend! Hubs got tickets to see one of our favorite comedians, Gary Gulman! He’s coming to Ann Arbor, and I’m ready for some laughs!! And a really good meal! And a glass of wine!


Tune in next week when hopefully there will be prettier things to show! Lol! As a reminder, here’s what we’re working towards…


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Thank you so much to Linda from Calling It Home and House Beautiful magazine for hosting this crazy event! To see a list of guest participants and all their fun plans, click HERE.






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