One Room Challenge: Week Two

Alrighty! Week two update! My brain is exploding with decision-making and shipment trackings, but I’ll tell you what’s the scoop from this past week. If you missed week one of being a guest participant and hearing all the original plans, click HERE.



Painting has commenced! A professional painter arrived on Tuesday and is still in the process of painting the cabinets. So far so good! The upper cabinets should be finished up tomorrow and then they’ll start on the lowers. It looks so different already!



And here it is with a coat of primer:




Why yes, that counter stool is indeed chewed up by our new puppy. (insert eye roll and laughing face emoji) No worries, new ones are on the way! Leaning towards these:


One change I’m really excited about (besides the obvious cabinet color change) is the small tweaking we did to the upper cabinet molding. I was never a fan of the detail in this molding. I would love something grander/more substantial/closer to the ceiling and cleaner looking. I had every intention of  hunting some down, but when we realized the detailed portion of the molding was actually a skinny strip nailed on, the easy (and money-saving) solution was to rip that portion off. Our painter was actually pretty happy about it because it meant less detailed work for him. And although this didn’t make the molding higher, it did make it simpler, so I’m happy with it. This molding with the tiny squares is what we removed:



Microwave is out and we’re still figuring out where to put the new one, but I think we may have come up with a good solution! If you watch my “stories” on Instagram, you may have heard this dilemma: initially, we were thinking we’d just throw a new one on the counters, but we decided a new, high-end kitchen deserves better than that. Lol Still don’t want to splurge on putting one in the island (between the cost of a microwave drawer and reworking cabinetry, to me it’s just not worth it) … but there’s an area on the other side of our kitchen that may work. And the great news is, the cabinet doors that are going down (where the range hood is going) actually works in this other area! It’ll all make sense soon, I promise. Easier to explain in video!


My Kohler faucet from Branded Infusion is here, and it’s a beauty! I got a bit distracted when I went in to pick it up- that showroom is filled to the brim with goodies! Here it is against the backsplash I’m considering:



The range hood arrived for over the stove, but it hasn’t been installed yet. I’m having that guy come the same time I need him to rework the cabinetry under the sink after the sink is installed. LIttle bit of sink drama. A) It’s not here yet, and B) the countertop company (Lakeside Surfaces) can’t measure for counters until the sink is installed. Bit of a hold up there! Fingers crossed the sink arrives STAT!


Tracking update for a few things: kitchen chairs should arrive TODAY! Hardware is ordered and I changed it! Going with these 12″ pulls from Liberty Hardware! I liked the style of these better:




While this isn’t for the kitchen, I will say the new chandelier for the family room should arrive tomorrow and I’m thrilled, as that’s part of the Frog Tape Paintover challenge and I really need to shift gears and get that done!


Speaking of lights… the island pendants I originally picked out are on backorder, so to play it safe, I started looking for new ones. Never have to twist my arm to do some browsing on Lighting Design Company! And the ones I’m drawn to then had me questioning the main chandelier over the table. Lol Renovating a kitchen is like, “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie,” am I right? Here’s the new lighting I’m considering…


I love how different those pendants are. I’ve never seen them anywhere and that’s why I’m drawn to them. But I will say this, it says max wattage is 35 watts (which I’m actually questioning if that’s even correct on the site- seems like a random number, doesn’t it?) Anyway, if it is correct, I still need to consider new pendants. Half the reason I’m redoing our kitchen is because it’s so dark. I want it lighter and brighter. So that means getting lights that offer as much light as possible! Which is why I started rethinking the main chandelier.




This one will give off so much more than the first light I picked out, and it’s GORGEOUS! (So was the other one, but this one’s a showstopper)


So, that’s about it for this week! Hoping next week I can show you cabinets all done and the sink installed. I’m pushing it on time with ordering the countertops which is making me in full on panic mode! 


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Shop this room…


Cheers to the kind of stress that equals a new kitchen! I’ll take it!






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