One Room Challenge: Week 4

Hi, everyone! I tell you what, a kitchen is an interesting room to attempt to finish in six weeks! I feel like I’ve been running around like a chicken with its head cut off. Or stuck at home watching contractors do their thing; one of the two;) Let’s see what got done this week…


Range hood was installed!




The carpenter will need to fix the trim work up top, but otherwise, it looks so good! I really love the one we chose (from Home Depot). It has four fan levels, and the lights underneath can be moved/shifted to light up different areas down below.


Sink base was put in!




How about the state of my kitchen? Lol!



Hardware arrived!



All of my fab Hudson Valley lighting from Lighting Design Company was suppose to arrive yesterday between 1-5, and it didn’t show up:( Nothing like having things to do outside of the house and sticking around for a shipment that doesn’t show up. Sigh. Not blaming the lighting company, by the way. Blaming the delivery service! They called to apologize this afternoon- they didn’t get to my delivery and they were suppose to give me a call to let me know this and didn’t. We rescheduled delivery for tomorrow, so hopefully those will get hung by next week’s update and I can show you them in all of their glory!


Let’s talk about what’s left on the “To-Do” list. I feel like a lot is going to come into play these final two weeks, and that shows in what’s still left to accomplish! Yikes!


*hang lights

*finish painting cabinets

*attach cabinet hardware

*paint kitchen walls

*install wallpaper

*remove upper cabinets in butler’s pantry and install three open shelves

*counter install

*backsplash install

*fix lower cabinets under sink

*install new microwave and trim

*install sink and faucet


Wanna hear something funny? Every single thing on that list is reliant on contractors. I’ve already had my share of some not showing up when they say they will, so finishing this up will be interesting, eh? Lol! Please send good, productive vibes my way! (And the painter’s way. And the carpenter’s way. And the plumber’s way. And the electrician’s way.)


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