One Room Challenge: Week 5

Week 5 of the One Room Challenge is upon us! One more week til reveal?? Say what?? Well, happy to report I got a lot done this week:) If you need to get caught up, click on the following to read about WEEK 1, WEEK 2, WEEK 3, and WEEK 4.


Cabinets are officially done- even the broken one! I was going to pay to have it fixed or replaced, but fixing it was going to cost $100, and replacing would’ve been $250 (doesn’t that seem like a lot for one door??) so I decided to give this a go and see if I could do it myself…



I’m no pro, and I totally winged this, but I’m so glad I realized it wasn’t that hard and saved myself some money. Just patched it up with some wood glue, sanded it down, and painted over it. (Back story if you didn’t read about this last week- the cabinet split when my husband walked past it and the knob caught on his pocket. Lol)



New shelves from Home Goods are up, and I had some fun styling! I bought two of them to stagger. Here’s a sneak peek at one of them…



If you haven’t seen that shot on Instagram already, let me just say I love that quote because it’s totally me. And as soon as I saw that hand at Hobby Lobby, I immediately pictured a clothespin pinched in between those fingers. Just seemed fitting for a laundry room:) Also, can we talk about this gorgeous vase from Jill Rosenwald?



It’s gorgeous! You must check out her selection of ceramics! So much to gawk at on her website!


Now let’s get to the exciting part! First, let me say it’s my birthday as I’m typing this. Actually it’s 3am so I suppose my birthday has officially come to an end, BUT, earlier today, wallpaper guy came to install the laundry room wallpaper! Now this is what I call a good birthday present…






I love how it turned out! I think the brick paper from Milton and King looks great with the floral from Spoonflower. Stepping back, I’ve decided on no window treatment. We back to woods, so I don’t need privacy in here, and the more natural light the better! Plus, I think it’s best to keep it simple with this wallpaper. It’s fabulous, but it’s definitely a statement- so no need for a statement on the windows as well! As for the brick wall, I’m thinking of using the blue/green abstract that was in my family room. We just recently replaced it with this fab piece from Minted:



So now this painting (below) is a free agent and I’m thinking the laundry room wants to take ownership:)



The colors will work nicely in there and I like the scale. Best part is, I’m shopping my own house!


So I’ve been staring at the countertops and floors with such dread. I know that sounds over dramatic, but the formica and vinyl really make for a such a sad part of an “after.” I tried to work it in at the last minute, but I think at this point I just don’t have the time:( So I’m sticking with the original plan of not replacing them, but should I have time in the future, I will say, I would LOVE a large grey rectangular tile layed out in a herringbone pattern on the floor, and maybe white quartz counters. So when this room gets revealed, just picture that too. LOL


So, what’s on the agenda for wrapping this up?


– install new light

– install new faucet/sink

– order rug!

– install barn door


Yikes! I thought I got a lot done this week, but looking at that list makes me realize we still have some pretty major things left to do. Wish me luck! And FYI, a new camera is on its way as an awesome bday present from my hubs, so thank you for dealing with cell phone shots through this process! Better pix to come!








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