One Room Challenge: Laundry Reveal!

It’s here! Seriously, you guys, the start of this seems like SO long ago, and yet I can’t believe how fast it went. So excited to share the reveal of this laundry room! I keep coming in here to stare. A huge thank you to Linda from Calling It Home for hosting this six week design challenge. And a bigger thank you to the sponsors listed at the end of this post, along with a complete list of sources with direct links. But before I show you the “after,” let’s remind you where it started..








Is it possible to WANT to do laundry? Cause that’s how I’m feeling these days. Any excuse to keep the baskets empty and this room looking so pretty. Let’s get to more pix and then I’ll talk in detail about some projects after the eye candy. Eye candy if you’re a color-lover, that is:)














Ok, so where do I start? Let’s start with the brick wallpaper from Milton & King. I’ve had people tell me they can’t believe the brick is wallpaper. I’m so glad it looks so realistic! It really helps the vibe I was going for. I feel like I’m in a cool loft/studio in a big city- not in a plain Jane suburban neighborhood.



And to pair it with the large scale floral paper from Spoonflower is truly what makes this space.  A little industrial with feminine touches and some modern geometric shapes splashed in is something I can’t quite resist these days. Let’s talk about the mod-geo splashes I’m referring to; starting with the light fixture from Lex Mod



I just love it so much. The black finish and modern style really ground how “girlie” the floral wallpaper is. Not that I mind girlie. I’m pretty much the only person that walks into this room so I’ve declared ownership of it and didn’t even ask the hubs how he’d feel about a pink door. Lol. I painted it with him out of town on business. Shhhh. He’s not home yet!



Actually, hubs is totally supportive of all my crazy ideas and probably won’t think twice. Although he may wonder what’s up with the technique I went about using. I’m waiting for the… “So, why did you only paint PART of the door?” I’ll just direct him to the cabinet hardware:) It inspired the look…




And the barn door from Rustica Hardware inspired the look as well with it’s diagonal cross bar.


Unfortunately, the barn door didn’t arrive on time:( So sad about this because I know what an amazing addition to this space it will be! It’s actually scheduled to arrive the day this gets posted. But, no worries! When hubby gets back in town, we’ll get this installed asap and I’ll do a separate post dedicated to its gorgeousness. And stay tuned! They’re offering an awesome discount to my blog readers!


So let’s get to another geo-vibe I’ve got going. The shelves from Home Goods! You can find similar ones HERE.



I’m obsessed with the brackets! Initially I considered spraying them gold since there’s gold in the hardware and I planned on a gold faucet, but I started digging mixing the metals. And it turns out, occasionally I can be a slow decision maker, and I didn’t pick and order a faucet in time anyway! So I’ve got some gold, copper, and  silver all mixed here. I think my favorite touch of gold is the gorgeous brush strokes on this handmade vase from Jill Rosenwald. Perfection!



 More gold touches (also from Home Goods)…




And then, of course, I don’t think any space is complete without a touch of humor. And I’m so excited for this sign from Letterfolk because getting to change out the quotes means the humor will be interchangeable and rotating non stop for new fun stuff to put a smile on my face while I do a boring chore like laundry! PS. This quote fits me like a glove.



Next, let’s look down and talk about the floor, shall we?  We had the ugliest vinyl floor in this room. And to be honest, I wasn’t going to change it. Not because I didn’t want to, but because I just wasn’t sure if we’d have the time or the money to get what I really wanted. Then I came across this gorgeous flooring!



This is also vinyl! But it’s the most realistic wood-like floor ever! Part of the Home Decorators collection from The Home Depot. I’ll be honest, I don’t particularly love “fake” anything, but because (once again) I was so last minute with decision making, this “click and lock” flooring that didn’t require machines to cut, or seams to fill with grout was just the way to go. And vinyl or not, the look is a HUGE improvement over what we had, which was totally dated and not my taste. Also, in regards to budget, since this was a small-scaled room like a laundry room, it didn’t require much of it, so it was around $250. Almost didn’t want to cover it with a rug, but this gorgeous pop of color from Rugs USA was too hard to resist! Love the vintage flare.




A few other things to point out. One, I painted the ceiling Retro Avocado by Behr. I think people often forget to think of the ceiling as a 5th wall in a room. Don’t forget to look up! I think throwing some color up there was a fun touch:) I ended up painting the inside of the linen closet door edge the same color. But man, was that trickier than I thought! Impossible to get a nice edge!



So, I’m fully aware that this now awesome laundry room is still sadly rocking formica countertops. Real life, people. It is what it is, for now. In my perfect design world it’d be white quartz or maybe concrete, with a fab herringbone marble backsplash. We’ll get to it eventually. For now, it’s just the laundry room, folks. I’d never skip the counters in my kitchen. But in the laundry room on the second floor that no one sees but me? I can deal.


Lastly, yes, still didn’t tackle the annoying “dryer is sticking out farther than the washer” annoyance. Boo hoo:( But we’re gonna end this reveal thinking of everything that DID get done, not didn’t. I’m thrilled with it. What’s your favorite part? Could you handle this much color? My oldest daughter says this room is “too much.” But my second oldest says she wishes it wasn’t just the laundry room so she can hang out in here. “Can we bring chairs in here, Mom?” Lol! Sure thing, kid! Just do some laundry while you’re at it! 😉





*This is a sponsored post, but as always, all opinions are 100% my own. I only choose to represent companies and products I love!


Sources with direct links:


Floor: Home Depot

Light: Lex Mod

Floral Wallpaper: Spoonflower

Brick Wallpaper: Milton & King

Shelves: Homes Goods, but I’ve sourced similar ones HERE.

Rug: Rugs USA

Baskets: Target (can’t find a direct link because they’re old)

Vase: Jill Rosenwald

Cabinet knobs: World Market

Blue watercolor art on shelf: MInted

Quote sign: Letterfolk


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