One Room Challenge: Week 5

I have no idea how it’s already week five of the One Room Challenge, but here I am as a guest participant, freaking out that the reveal is a week away. A week away! SO much has happened this week (thank goodness for progress!) but I will say this… I’m pretty sure this reveal will happen without a backsplash. Here’s the thing, guys. I don’t want this rushed. I want it done right. And I want to be thoughtful about my decision-making; not panicked to make a deadline. So, with that said, I’ll push forward and keep my fingers crossed, but my main goal is to just have the current backsplash ripped out and the drywall smoothed out for a fresh coat of paint. And hey, this’ll just make one extra reveal to look forward to:)


So, let’s get to seeing what has happened this week!


Wallpaper from Spoonflower went up!



It’s super graphic and bold and a bit crazy, but it works great on this skinny wall in my kitchen. Just the right dose of fun!



Upper cabinets were removed in the butler’s pantry area and gorgeous shelves from Blissopia were installed!



Yes, that’s a crazy pile of shoes in our lower cabinets. Don’t ask. Also, this will all make a lot more sense when those yellowish/tan walls are painted Repose Grey!



The plan is to tile that wall behind the shelves. Just still trying to decide between the brick that I also have planned behind the stove, or the tile that’s going in the rest of the kitchen. 



I’m so excited to style those babies!


Our lighting arrived from Lighting Design Company and OH MY GOODNESS am I smitten about this sexy chandelier by Hudson Valley Lighting…



You just got yourself a fun little sneak peek of my FrogTape® fireplace makeover back there! Stay tuned for that challenge that starts next week!


And the super fun Mitzi pendants! You guys! These were my lights BEFORE…



And here are the fabulous Mitzi lights by Hudson Valley from Lighting Design Company!!!



Gahhh! They’re amazing! A huge part of this whole makeover is wanting to take my super dark kitchen and make it brighter- these lights help big time! The lights I previously had, had a bit of a dark orange glow. But my new chandelier with 18 bulbs is a showstopper! We put it on a dimmer since that is a LOT of bulbs, but I love how bright it is even at its max! 


What’s next? New microwave from Home Depot is in, and the carpenter trimmed it out for a “built in” look. It’s primed and just needs a coat of paint!




Carpenter also situated a base for the Blanco sink and added trim for new cabinet doors that he’s making (the ones that were there need to be shortened).



Lower cabinets were primed and just got their first coat of paint. Upper cabinets are done being painted and I tell you what, you guys… the room really came to life when we started to put the doors back up!



Are you laughing at how I have a random painting hanging over the stove? I don’t even have the new tile up, but I was feeling like the space was looking too black/white/modern and I was anxious to balance it out with something old with color. My eyes feel better. And I think that painting will look awesome on the brick I have planned. This whole image has me SO excited to tear out the backsplash, get paint on the walls, and watch the counters get installed from Lakeside Surfaces on Monday! Can you believe these main things aren’t done yet? Lol. All of that will really make the space come together. But I’m loving it already.


Here’s a sneak peek of the Liberty Hardware that arrived from Home Depot!



So…. lots of last minute second guessing. First of all, let’s take a look at the chairs I initially picked out…



I took the chairs out of the boxes to put together and I noticed two things. First of all, one of them was damaged. The brass was a bit bent. Second of all, these gorgeous bad boys are super LUX. They’re gorgeous, but I started to question if they’re a bit too formal for a kitchen with four kids and a dog. I’m a huge advocate of designing a home you love and not sacrificing style just because you have little ones or pets, but I want my family to feel comfortable. I knew this when I ordered them, and frankly I was excited about how comfortable they looked because we currently have cold metal chairs and the velvet looked warm and cozy. But once I got them into the space, I questioned it. Even if they are cozy, they’re super fancy. And that takes a level of comfort away. But besides that, I mostly questioned them because they’re a bit bigger than I anticipated. You can’t tuck chairs into the kitchen table that we have because of how the base sits, so I’m not loving how much floor space they’re taking up. With that said though, I’m cutting it super close on time so I may use them in photographs and keep looking. Oy!


Another issue with furniture… the counters stools for the island that I wanted are out of stock til June! Ugggggh. I ordered two different ones from Target to try out, and we’ll see if I like either of them when they get here.


One other thing out of stock til June? The pantry door :(:(:(:( Not enough sad faces for this one guys. I’m considering just painting my current pantry door, but the whole idea was that I LOVED the style of the new one I picked out. Might as well save me the time of painting and just wait til what I want comes in. Again, it’ll be another reveal to look forward to:)


This has been insane, friends. I so appreciate you all for following along and cheering me on and listening to my meltdowns on Instagram stories/videos:) STAY TUNED for a huge transformation (whether or not the backsplash is in and I have temporary furniture! LOL) As a reminder, here was the initial the end goal:


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