One Room Challenge Main Bathroom: Week 3

Week three of the One Room Challenge, guys! Demo is starting today! Just not soon enough to include an image of it in this update. I have faith, friends! As long as everything goes smoothly with no hiccups (is there such a thing with renos?) Pretty sure I’m nuts, but I’m going with it, because the alternative is to start stressing. No, thanks! So… let’s focus on what has gotten checked off the list!

For starters, can we talk about a hiccup that I was able to catch and fix fairly quickly? Oy. This was all my fault. I knew I was getting rid of the vanity on the tub wall and needed two sinks on the other instead. As a reminder, here’s a “before” shot of the bathroom, and a quick sketch of what my original plan was…


So, the largest size double vanity that I wanted came in 72 inches. The wall that the double vanity is going on has 109 inches of space. Clearly, I could’ve went bigger, but since that was the largest, I went with it. For some strange reason, literally yesterday, it occurred to me that I could’ve fit two 48 inch single vanities! Why didn’t I think of this sooner?? The Ferguson Showroom of Build With Ferguson in Ann Arbor was a huge help with this. We were able to switch the order and the new single vanities should arrive within a week. I’m SO happy about this! Tons more counter space and storage. Which means I’m not going to do a console table and counter stool under the window. Not necessary now that I have more counter space. Now I need to order more hardware from Emtek for the second vanity, and another Hudson Valley Lighting wall sconce . The initial plan/mood board looked like this:

And now it’ll look more like this:

If I would’ve stuck with three wall sconces, the center one would’ve been really far away. So, it made sense to change it to two sconces flanking each mirror. Yay!

Another small difference you may spot is the door change. The door on the initial mood board is one I was considering as a sliding door for the closet. Guys, I’ve had so much fun browsing Ebay and found these amazing late 19th century double doors from seller ptiques, and they’re stripping them for me! Ptiques has an amazing selection of salvaged pieces to check out!

Using double doors that slide open from the center will ensure that there’s enough space on each side to slide open. I picked up this sliding door hardware from Ebay seller boxche5, and I’m on the hunt now to find the perfect door knobs/pulls. I’ll keep you posted! Beautiful, isn’t it? I love me some good chippy paint, but sadly the blue won’t work in my design plan. I’ll see what they look like stripped, and I’ll either add a clear finish or paint them. We’ll see! Ever since watching Little Women during lockdown, I’ve become completely enthralled with interior design of that time period. I’m so happy to be incorporating something from that era! (These doors are from the 1890s) Speaking of doors (and arches!), here’s a door I’m considering from Ebay store Global One Forest Products Inc for the main entrance to the bathroom…

I mean, it’s simple and perfect. I love it. I know arches are very “on trend” right now, but trust me when I say this is about me listening to our home. It was built in 2000, and we have arches everywhere! I’m thrilled arches are currently popular, because it’s making me love this part of our house.

I came across this image online of salvaged wood work and my jaw hit the floor…

It gave me total inspiration to design my own! I’ve teamed up with Novo Building Products after searching their site and coming up with a creative way to turn corbels and newel posts into my own version of this!

I’ll be using two corbels to create one full arch, and installing a newel post where they all meet! Can you see it? It’ll all be painted the color of the walls. Still haven’t decided that yet. Stay tuned, friends! This is where the artist in me comes out, and I get to incorporate details I love!

Come back next week for a look at this bathroom completely cleared out! And be sure to follow the other featured One Room Challenge designers as they make over spaces in their homes too:

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