Bathroom Renovation with Rejuvenation

Hey, all! We had our Jack & Jill bathroom remodeled! This is the shared bathroom for my 14 and 18 year old, and I love the transformation! Our home was built in 2000, so not only was this 24 year old bathroom looking dated and dirty, but it also had a broken sink and a toilet with issues. It was time!



The major changes are on this side of the bathroom. We partnered with Rejuvenation to bring in high quality products! We ripped out the vanity for this gorgeous one! It has a gorgeous marble top and the prettiest aged brass hardware. And no more broken faucets! I love the modern lines of this one.

Can we talk about the builder grade mirror? The big ol’ frameless mirror that came with this bathroom was just a bore. For me, this new bathroom is all about storage! These new mirrors are cabinets! A dream for teen girl product storage!

And these lights! I love that they’re modern with vintage flair.

Let’s chat about the other side of the room…



So, yes- I would’ve loved to rip out this tub and put in a shower/shower door. But that would’ve been a few thousand extra dollars in labor, and we’ve got kid number two heading off to college in the fall. Had to prioritize finances;) Instead, I found an extra long shower curtain to hang higher on a brass rod that matches the other hardware in the room. Hanging drapes higher on a window always make a room appear bigger/taller- same applies to shower curtains! Just elevates the look, a bit. As does THIS ART from Rejuvenation!

I just love these pieces! You can find the dog art HERE, the horse art HERE, and the landscape art HERE.


Aged Brass Switchplates

Let’s back up a sec and show you a few steps! This is the floor we picked out:

As for the walls, there was a lot of drywall patching because of the change in mirrors, lighting, and towel hooks. The girls liked the neutral color that it was (Benjamin Moore Natural Linen), so I repainted with that, using FrogTape® for clean lines!

There you have it! Next month, one of these girls is heading to college, and the other will get this all to herself! Lol! Lucky girl!

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Shop the room…


*This post is sponsored by Frogtape® with product gifted from Rejuvenation! All opinions are my own:)

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