My Makeup Routine

Alright, I think I promised this a year ago and I’m just now finally doing it! I get asked all the time about what makeup I used (specifically on my eyes), so I’m rounding it all up and giving you direct links.




 I talked about this on my Instagram stories the other day, but let me just reiterate here…. I used to only use drug store makeup! Makeup was just never something I chose to invest much in. I had no idea what the difference in quality was. Sure, I’d see people towards the end of the day and wonder, “how did their makeup stay on so perfectly all day?” … but it never really occurred to me that I should probably be spending more in order get to makeup that went on better and actually lasted.


So, I turned 40 in November. And I started asking myself, “why do I buy my teen daughter brand name makeup and not invest in the same high quality stuff for myself?” It was time to start adulting! 


So, yes, some of this is a splurge, but it lasts, so I’m really not spending a ton, often. And it’s ok to mix high end stuff with drug store stuff! Do what works for your budget! Honestly, I think you can get away with any kind of makeup as long as you start with a good primer and end with a good setting spray!


Ok, so this is what I use and the order I use it…


1. Moisturizer




I always like to moisturize my face first. I’m no professional, but I feel like it helps my makeup go on smoother.


2. Primer




This is the primer I use! You just need a tiny bit. I spread it mostly on my eyes and cheeks/nose area. This is used kind of like primer on walls! We use paint primer to help paint stick to the surface better. Well, makeup primer helps makeup stay put on your skin.


3. Foundation




I use this on my face first. Then I set it with this…


4. Powder




5. Bronzer  (I basically use this as my blush as well) 




6. Highlighter




I never used to use a highlighter, and always admired the “glow” I’d see on faces in magazines. This is what it is! A subtle shimmer on along your nose, cheekbone, forehead, and chin.


7. Eye Lid Primer


eye primer


I love this primer because it’s specifically for eye shadow and it has a bit of shimmer to it. Yes, I may have already put on regular primer when applying it to the rest of my face, but I think eye makeup is what buy ativan without rx wears off the most just due to touching/rubbing your eyes throughout the day. So I like doubling down with eye primer as well. Plus the shimmer is such a nice touch!


The most frequently asked question I get is about the eye shadow I use! Here it is, guys! I LOVE IT. Perfect neutrals. I just wish it came in a four pack, because I really only use the colors Chocolate Martini, Honey Pot. Silk Teddy, and Heaven.


8. Eye Shadow




9. Eyeliner




10. Maskara




Eye liner and mascara are the two things I don’t splurge on. Not because they aren’t important (mascara might be my favorite thing) but because I’ve honestly tried expensive mascara, and this still remains my favorite! 


11. Eyebrow Gel 


eyebrow gel


I can’t believe it took me so long to start filling in my brows a bit with eyebrow gel. I don’t know exactly how to explain what it does for my face, but if I don’t have it on and walk by a mirror, I know instantly I forgot to put it on. It just does wonders for someone with thin brows.


As far as lipstick goes, you can mostly find me wearing this gloss


But if I’m wearing actual lipstick, it’s this in a color called Sinful Cinnamon. It’s just a shade darker than my actual lip color, so I feel like it’s just enough to show you have color on, but not overkill.


12. Lipstick


 Unless of course, I’m in the mood for “overkill.” Lol! Then it’s this in Brick Red


red lipstick


13. Setting spray


setting spray


This is the kicker, you guys. If you get nothing else, get this setting spray! It’s like hairspray for your makeup! Helps it stay put! 


Lastly, if you’re interested, I’ve tried this Lash Boost before! Helps your lashes grow!


lash boost


There you have it, friends! I so appreciate you all encouraging me to put this in a blog post. I know it isn’t interior design related, but makeup is a form of art, and I think so many women are invested in self care these days, which is wonderful. It’s so important! Feeling good about the way you look is a part of that! I’m giving your permission to treat yourself! You can scroll and click below for links. I also added the eye makeup remover I use, makeup wipes,  curling iron I use, steamer, and how I store it all!  Figured I would since I get questions about those too:)









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