Five Trends From High Point Market

Hi, guys! Last month, I was honored to be included in the Design Bloggers Tour at High Point Market. I recapped everything I saw on the tour in this post and this post. There was so much to see, and today I thought I’d round up the biggest trends I noticed while taking in the sites. I’ve been excited for this post! There were some good ones! Here we go…

1. Wall Beds

Extended headboards were everywhere! Apparently, they’re called wall-beds, and it makes sense…they almost run the length of a wall. They were mostly upholstered, and basically extended from the back of the bed out to behind the nightstands. Super luxurious!




2. Extended Seating

One thing I noticed, is that sofa arms and backs were extended (extra wide). For someone who loves to entertain, seating is crucial, and designing extra large backs and arms allows for more guests to sit atop the sofa as well. Such a relaxed and cool setting!


3. Curved Furniture

There was a definite emphasis on community and comfort. Creating comfortable conversation areas for groups to gather was a biggie as I roamed the showrooms. Also, there was an effort to create an escape from the craziness of what goes on outside of the home. Curved chairs almost offer a hug when you sit in them. It’s a lovely idea, really.



4. Multi-level Coffee Tables

I was really loving this one, you guys! Lots and lots of multi-plane surfaces. Definitely want to incorporate this into my home. I’ve been eyeing this look for some changes in my family room. Love the functionality and the visual interest it adds!



5. The Merge of Fashion & Interior Design 

My fave of all faves!! I’ve always been drawn to both fashion and interior design, and I absolutely love when the two are merged! There were so many gorgeous furniture pieces at HPMKT that were fabulous examples: fringe, buckles, etc…


There you have it, friends! I’m hoping to make this an annual trip! I love bringing back tons of inspo for you and me both! Thank you again to Esteem Media and High Point Market, for having me on the tour. Just about everything in these images is from our sponsors below…

220 Elm

Pinnacle Seating Studio

Palliser Showroom 
Crypton Home Fabric
Lee Industries
Hickory Chair

Dorel Home

E.J. Victor

Four Hands 

Howard Elliott

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Dowel Furniture
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*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own

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