Married to a Blogger: The Husbands Tell All!

You guys, this may be one of my favorite blog posts to date! One, because that post title. #bachelorworthy Lol!! And two, I love “out of the norm” personal posts, and this is exactly that. I’ve joined nine of my closest blogging buddies for a special blog hop interviewing our hubbies in honor of Father’s Day! Blogger hubbies in the spotlight, if you will. Below are the questions, his answers, and if I felt the urge to comment, I’m in italics. Here we go!


1. When did you first meet your wife and what was your first impression?


This is a point of contention between us. She claims we met at a function the year before we actually met. When she came up to me asking if I remembered her, I said I didn’t. (Very smooth) Fortunately for me, she didn’t hold it against me, and we ended up starting a long distance college friendship/relationship.


My first impression is very consistent with how a lot of people characterize Haneen even today. Aside from her physical beauty, she is genuinely an outgoing and fun person to be around. 


We TOTALLY met the year prior. Still offended that apparently I’m forgettable.


2. Which one of you more aggressively pursued the other?


I don’t know if I’d say pursued, but I think because she is more socially outgoing, she was more of the initiator of us starting to get to know each other. Maybe as things progressed, I became the pursuer. (Wow, that sounds really creepy)




 He will be mortified that I shared this pic, but look what a babe he was! A ripe 23 years old.


3. What are the best and worst parts of your wife’s job as a blogger?


The best thing is seeing the final product and the happiness it brings to her. It’s also nice to hear the positive comments and feedback she receives.


The worst is probably the late nights that come with trying to finish a post right before a deadline is due, and still having to get up early to help the kids get ready for school. 


That about covers it!


4. How do you explain what your wife does for a living to your friends and coworkers?


I think I mainly just tell them she’s a professional blogger/Instagrammer that focuses on home decor.


“Professional Instagrammer.” Lololololzzzz Is that a thing? I think he needs to take it up a notch. She’s an interior design blogger and companies hire her to create content with their products. She’s an artist using her art degree on our home and documents it online. Hmmm. Honestly, I don’t know how to answer that question either! Blogging is a lof of things!


5. What is something we might not  know about your wife?


She’s a really good artist. She doesn’t do it as much, but I’m always really impressed when I see her portfolios from high school and college.


That’s so sweet that that’s his answer! Totally makes me want to bust out a sketchbook. I do miss drawing for drawing’s sake.


6. What does your wife do that drives you crazy? What would she say you do that drives her crazy?


Her car is really messy. I know she’ll say it’s because of the kids, but it’s mainly the front seat area that’s littered with all sorts of her stuff.




What drives her crazy? If I talk to her while she’s brushing her teeth.


I have a weird hatred for people trying to have a conversation with me while I brush my teeth. Sue me.


7. If you had an extra $10,000 that you could do anything you wanted with, (no saving, investing, or donating allowed!), what would you spend it on? Would your wife be on board?


I think I’d go with a trip to Europe. We had always talked about doing that before kids, but never had the chance. Haneen would totally be on board, in fact this will probably make her want to plan it even without the extra fantasy money.


Yup. Wheels are turning. I do love this answer. We’ve both been to Europe separately (me in college for Art History and him through work) but we’ve never gone together!


8. You get home from work and your wife is giving you “the look.” What have you most likely done to get yourself into trouble?


Probably didn’t follow through on a punishment for one of the kids.


Ha! Seriously, though. Why are the dads always the good guys and the moms always trying to stick to a punishment? Let me take a break from being the “mean one” from time to time.


9. What’s your favorite trip you’ve taken with your wife/family?


Tough question to pick a favorite. I enjoyed our trip to Disney World with the family… but I think I’ll go with one of just the two of us since those don’t happen as often. I’d say our trip to Napa in 2012.


Sorry, kids. NAPA FOR SURE. Oh, shit. T, you forgot Denver!! Tough call between those two. Napa = wine. Denver= Ed Sheeran at Red Rocks.



 Myrtle Beach


10. Do you have a “man cave?” If so, where? 


Kind of… well, I used to. Our basement is finished and set up with a couple of couches to hang out and watch tv. Nothing too special, but it was a great place to escape. Now it’s overtaken by the overflow of old furniture and toys. 


In my defense, this is all Better Homes & Garden’s fault. Lol They came to photograph our house at Christmas, and I was so overwhelmed leading up to it and relieved when it was over, that all things Christmas are just piled up down there at the foot of the stairs and I haven’t bothered trying to organize them in the storage room yet. Also, you can imagine as a home decor blogger how often we’re changing things. I tend to open the basement door, throw a pillow down the stairs, and shut the door. Out of sight, out of mind. Maybe this summer.


11. What’s one thing your wife is super picky/particular about?

She’s pretty easy going as long as she gets her coffee.


Caramel latte with skim milk and pumpkin muffie from Panera, please and thank you.


12. What’s your favorite dinner that your wife makes? What’s your specialty?


Hmmm… did I mention she’s a great designer and artist? Ok, I’ll go with tacos.


Bahahahaha. I don’t know if I would even say tacos. Lol


I’m no world class chef either. I’m more of the breakfast guy: eggs, hashbrowns, pancakes


He does make a mean breakfast, for sure.


13. Are you a DIYer or more of a “hire a professional” type of guy?


“Hire a professional” type. But my specialty is hanging light fixtures and IKEA furniture assembly. No big deal. 


Lol. So proud.


14. What do you think about your wife’s blogger friends? Who have you heard about the most? Have you met any of them?


I think it’s great that there’s a group that shares in the same passion, and they support and help each other. It all sounds really positive and fun.


I can’t say I really know them well enough to say who I hear about the most, but I know she refers to the bloggers in this group as “her people.” I haven’t met any of them.


They sure are. All the love for the ladies listed at the bottom of this post! Make sure you visit them to hear their husband’s answers!


15. Has your wife ever done a project that you secretly didn’t love but you never told her?


I’m not the biggest fan of change, so I’m secretly (or not so secretly) hesitant on a lot of projects that Haneen starts. However, I do trust her vision and I always seem to like how it turns out. 


Props to a hubs that trusts and encourages. Love him for it!


16. What’s your idea of the perfect Father’s Day?


I would say just relaxing with Haneen and the kids. Nothing planned. Just being outside, enjoying the weather, and eating something good. Maybe meet up with friends or family.


He totally deserves whatever he wants! He’s an awesome dad who’s always helping with homework, cracking a joke, picking up dog poop, making me killer Moscow mules, offering up back rubs, and smiling and nodding at whatever my next project is;)


Alright, guys. That was pretty painless for the most part. Lol! I can’t wait to read everyone else’s answers! Head on over to these friends of mine…


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Cheers and Happy Father’s Day!


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