Laundry Room Paint

Good morning! This is a loooong overdue blog post with all of the laundry room paint deets! You can see the full reveal of this space (and find all resources) by clicking HERE. I get questions all the time about the paint and I’m sitting here at midnight catching up on Girls and The Voice (do you guys watch either of those?) so I’m finally putting it in print for you while my laptop is in my lap and my house is quiet. How’s that for a run-on sentence? 


You can find this light HERE


WALLS: Sherwin Williams/ Anew Gray

Gray is HARD. Gonna be honest. This came down to me already having some of this color from trying it in my dining room. Saving money for the win! I needed a light gray and this worked. Sometimes I think it has a hint of green in it, but then again that may be because of the green ceiling:)



CEILING: Behr/ Avocado Green 

For 2 seconds I questioned if this green looked like what you’d find in a baby’s diaper, but I LOVE it. Is that weird? Lol. It just looks so good with the floral paper and the navy on the cabinets. And I’m a fan of the unexpected. Lots of people forget to think of their ceilings when designing a space. I look at it as a 5th wall to add some character to.


CABINETS: Behr/ Secret Society

I wanted a rich navy, and I loved that Behr at Home Depot had a line of paint with primer already mixed in. I’m all for saving steps! Many of you have inquired about what painting cabinets entailed. I gotta say, there really wasn’t anything crazy to it. I sanded them down a bit by hand, wiped them clean with a damp cloth, and went at it. I used a small 4 inch roller for the majority, and a smaller brush to get in the crevices. Also, lots and lots of late night tunes. Music makes everything easier.




ASYMMETRY ON LINEN CLOSET: Home Decorators/Behr/ Bridal Bouquet

Not much to say here other than I’ve been majorly inspired by asymmetry these days. And every now and then I make weird choices that I LOVE. (Ps- the side interior of the door is painted the ceiling color)




Am I missing anything? Leave me a comment if you have any extra questions about this room or the paint! Stay tuned for a Spring Home Tour coming up next week! Tuesday to be exact! Excited to show you my living room and bedroom refresh! I’ve shared some glimpses over on Instagram- you can follow along there by clicking HERE.





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