Some Lace Favorites

Good morning!


I received several messages asking about the lace top I was wearing in my Instagram video yesterday (you can follow me on there by clicking HERE), so I stayed up late last night rounding up some of my favorite lace tops for you! I couldn’t find the exact one I was wearing since I bought it last summer (it’s from Forever 21), but here’s some similar ones I DID find… you can click on the images to be directed right to them.



As always, you can also click on the “shop” tab in the menu, and I have a bunch of stuff linked there too under “fashion.” And if you ever hear me saying I found something at Gray Monroe, you can always access that by clicking on the Gray Monroe image on my home page.


Hope that helps! Happy shopping! I am absolutely loving the feminine, where to buy ambien online cheap springy vibe of lace these days. Gets me pumped for warmer weather to come!


While you’re here,  here’s a sneak peak of my living room refresh! It’s coming along and I’m loving styling this new table! You can find it HERE.



Also, did you know I found a match to my fab blue chair from Home Goods? I’ve been struggling with what to put between them, but after a trip out thrifting with a gal pal, this is what I’m working on…



Scored these pink beauties for 10 cents each. That’s a whopping $2.50! I need more to fill it to the max, but I’m loving the direction this is headed. Books are such an easy way to make a color statement, and I am all about pink these days! You can find the acrylic nesting table set by clicking HERE.




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