How To Add Wreaths To A Banister

Ok, this isn’t rocket science, guys- but if I’m being honest… I was clueless! Lol! I went to hang my wreaths and was naive enough to just tie one on and let go. Nope, that didn’t work! Go ahead and insert that emoji where the girl is slapping her forehead in embarrassed confusion. It slid down the slope of the banister! Duh! Kind of common sense, if I’d considered gravity.

Well, I chatted about my woes on Instagram and had several followers suggest zip ties. Ummmm… why didn’t I think of that? So here you go, friends. Let me show you what these look like from behind.

Depending on how exactly you’d like it to lay, you may need two separate zip ties attached to two different poles, like the image above. That helps to straighten it out, if need be. As far as the ribbon generic cialis 60 mg goes, initially I wanted it tied to the top of the banister and have the wreath hang low from it. But after I tied one on, I realized I really liked the look of the ribbon tied on the top of the wreath and then just dangling down. No bow, just one knot. Simple and pretty! I love it!

To find this chair, click HERE.
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How to cut ribbon tips…

And just a quick tip for cutting the ribbon into perfect points! Here’s how the ends started…

Just fold the ribbon in half, vertically…

And then cut from the outside going up, at about a 45 degree angle…

And there you have it!

Cheers to any last minute decorating you’re adding! If you’re done, pin this for next year! 🙂


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  1. Patti Humphreys says:

    Whether I cut my ribbon as you did or on the diagonal I always use a non-fray product but clear nail polish works too. Personally I would have incorporated a few red berries as they complement both black, white and the green of the wreaths. I believe it would set it off. My mantle is too narrow to hang the nine grandkids stockings so I use the rails of my staircase to hang the stockings plus the two pooches stockings. I think that I’ll use your wreath idea on the other side of the spindles.

  2. Haneen says:

    Adding red berries is a lovely idea! I was going for simple/no fuss, but I’m never one to turn away adding color:) Maybe next year! Thank you for visiting!

  3. Heather says:

    Next time use the white zip ties – I’m going to try this next year – it looks fantastic. Merry Christmas

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