Easy Christmas Snow Globe Cake Stand Idea

Well, friends! We’re getting super close to Christmas! Let’s just start by apologizing for the iPhone quality photos in this post. I’ve reached that point in the holiday season where extra effort for anything means I just don’t do it. Lol! I made this cute thing before Thanksgiving and never got around to doing a blog post about it, so I figured I’d throw it on my site before the season has come and gone. Lol! Pin it for next year! Just a simple way to give the look of a large scale snow globe…

I found the cake stand at Home Goods. Every year I’m drawn to Christmas miniatures when I’m out and about shopping. I loved the idea of getting a bunch and having a collection on a shelf or mantel somewhere, but there was a cloche in the same aisle as the miniatures, and it got me thinking about doing a simple centerpiece idea.

I actually bought the cloche, but when I got home I remembered I had this cake stand, and for the sake of saving money, I gave the idea a try with the stand instead, and I LOVE it! A good reminder to shop your own house first! You never know if something you already have can work for what you’re trying to create. Same idea as the cloche, but a little more clever and charming. And on top of that, it gives it more height. All I did was add some faux snow! Easy!


That’s it, guys! Doing any entertaining this weekend? Consider this on your kitchen island with all the food!



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