Christmas Mantel With A Vintage Book Tree and Gifts

Ok, maybe, just maybe, I've always wanted to work on visual/window displays! Anthropologie, anyone? I've been mesmerized by their displays forever! So, I talked recently about how Christmas came so fast this year, leaving me feeling a bit discouraged when it came to decorating. I looked at my mantel the other night and had this Scrooge mentality of "is it…read more

Colorful Christmas Tour 2019

Kids' rooms are my favorite! I'll take any opportunity to have a little fun with color. My daughter, who's 10, has the perfect room for just that. She's been begging for a more "subtle" room these days (whose child is this??) so I'm soaking in these final days/weeks/months (who knows when we'll change it) with her bright, sweet room before…read more