Heading to NYC

Hey, everyone! Hope your new year is off to a great start! I’m headed to NYC on Tuesday for a conference with Home Goods, and wanted to pop in and say hello before I go! Look at this sweet package of traveling goodies they mailed each of the bloggers attending…



I’ll be sure to recap when I come home, but some people have asked what I’m packing:) Figured I’d link up everything that’s coming with me (and things I’m planning on getting if I have time!), in case you’re interested in snagging anything. With that in mind, I also wanted to point out a new feature on my blog. I get questions everyday about where I’ve purchased certain things in my home. In my last post I let you know that if you’re signed up for “Like To Know It,” then when you “like” an image on Instagram, the links to items get sent to your email. It’s free and easy, but if signing up isn’t something you feel like dealing with, or if you aren’t on Instagram to “like” images, I thought I’d add a “shop” tab to the menu on the home page of my blog. If you click on that tab, it’ll lead you to rooms in my home, and on each room’s page I’ve linked up everything I could find for easy shopping. This will help you find what you’re looking for, and help me from having to answer the same questions over and over again. Lol!


So, on to packing… Trust me when I say, I’m an over-packer. I’m only staying two days, and while I don’t necessarily peg myself as a high maintenance girl, I do indeed like having options! There’s dinner on Tuesday, conference on Wednesday, seeing a show Wednesday evening, and having drinks with an old friend after. Let’s not forget to tag on some cute airport outfits. Yes, I’m weird like that. Priorities, people;) Different events call for different looks! I have no shame in packing several options for each! Lol.


So here’s my mix of top and dress options. I have several others I’m packing that I couldn’t find online!



And here’s the shoes. Think my suitcase will be too heavy? Lol By the way, I had a dream I forgot my shoes. I swear I have dreams like this before any big event. Weeks prior to my wedding, I continuously had dreams that I showed up in my pajamas. It’s always fashion related!


I have a fabulous pair of BCBG booties that I just couldn’t find to link for you. And I couldn’t find the exact leopard print flats that I have, so I linked up similar ones.


On to accessories. These bad boys are all under $10! Whaaaat???

This one is my favorite new staple. Looks good with everything! Just click on the image to get directed to it.



Here’s the coat I’m wearing. One of my kids told me I looked like Cruella Deville when I put it on. Insert eye rolls. Of course that made me question whether I’m resembling a rich, old woman, but I simply haven’t found anything else I’m loving since, so it’s coming! Besides, I got a ton of compliments on it over the holidays. So, what do kids know??


 Lastly, here are my makeup staples!


Never want you to feel like I’m trying to sell you anything! I just know you all will ask once I post pix of everything! Trying to help us both out:)


Farewell ’til I get back! Be sure to tune in to my Instagram stories because I’m sure I’ll be sharing behind the scenes from my trip there! I love traveling, and I get a kick out of traveling alone.  People watching at the airport, headphones on the plane, grabbing a taxi and finding my way, being completely enamored and enthralled by my surroundings, and most importantly, leaving refreshed and inspired and anxious to burn some creative energy! Also, doesn’t every mama need some time to miss her kids???








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