New York With Home Goods

Talk about short and sweet! Keep reading for a recap of my trip to NYC with Home Goods…



I flew in around 2pm on Tuesday. Hopped in a cab to the London Hotel on 54th. For starters, let me just tell you, this hotel was absolutely beautiful and the location was perfect. When I checked in, they let me know my package from Mod Cloth arrived:) For those of you who don’t know, I did some super last minute online shopping for this trip and overnighted some outfits to the hotel. So silly, and I think I packed enough for a two week stay instead of a two day stay, but I like having options:) And I’m so glad I did that because I used three things that were in that package! Score! Here is glimpse at my hotel room…







So after I got settled, I met up with Kelly Elko and Kris from Driven By Decor and we grabbed a bite from Brooklyn Diner. Kelly’s a funny lady. We decided we would hit up a comedy club later in the night for improv. Not really, but we liked pretending we’re comedians;)


After heading back to the hotel, we got ready for dinner at Oceana. This was a beautiful restaurant and the food was delicious. We had a private room where we met up with the rest of the Home Goods bloggers and pinners. It was great to meet the Home Goods team. Mary, the head of it all, was such a hoot. She was so complimentary of what I was wearing. The first thing she said when we met was “Of COURSE you’re wearing color!” and the last thing she said to me before we parted ways on our last day was “You are just as beautiful as your home.” What a gem. I’m so thankful to work for such a great company. 


So here’s the thing: dinner was filled with chatting and getting to know each other, and answering interior design questions when our name was pulled from a hat, and we didn’t get any photos! Ah! But I wore this top/skirt/shoe combo… just click on each to be directed straight to them:




Here’s a quick selfie I snagged of Kris and I before we left… and heads up on photo quality: all of the pix in this post were taken with my phone!



The menu for the evening… I just love that it says “Home Goods Blogger Day” on the top:)



After dinner, I spent a little extra time at the hotel bar with Kris and Amy (Crazy Chic Design), then it was off to bed for an early morning.


So, Wednesday was the Home Goods conference. Started at 8:30am and ended around 3:30pm. It was a long time to sit, but you can’t complain when they feed you good food and offer up interesting speakers!





They had centerpieces made up of Home Goods items, and vignettes around the room…




I especially loved hearing from Grace Sun, Creative Strategist at Instagram. She had interesting things to say, I dug her personality, and her Instagram feed is cool! You can find her at @gracesunnysun. So young, that one! Amazing how these young ones land the coolest jobs! Also enjoyed hearing from the really nice ladies from Pinterest. They talked about pinning strategies and what we could improve upon for our Home Goods Pinterest board. My favorite talk was from Abigail Cook- a Trend Analyst who spoke about design trends for 2017/18. Loved her visuals and loved everything she thought was headed our way or here to stay. Got me excited to start brainstorming for what’s next in my home. I’m sure my husband is thrilled about that. Lol. I took a lot of notes on this and I’ll be giving you the full report in a separate blog post.


So, here was the only downfall of the trip. Lots of folks had to rush home after the conference, and because there wasn’t much interaction during the speakers, there wasn’t a huge chance to connect with other bloggers! Tuesday night’s dinner was fabulous for this, but Wednesday after the conference people either headed home or a few stayed to hang, but I had plans to meet up with an old high school friend before my solo showing of Waitress. I don’t regret going my separate way at all because I loved seeing my friend, and the show was BEYOND fantastic, but it was a bummer to leave not having really connected a bunch with some bloggers. Too short of a trip! But really, such a great one…




Jessica Four Generations One Roof, Amy Crazy Chic Design, Me, and Tamara (@tlee79 on IG) 


Not sure what’s going on with my hair in that one! Oy!


And here I am with Michael from Inspired By Charm! Love him!



So, I stayed an extra night and I’m SO glad I did. My old high school buddy, Jenny, works at the Hearst building. It was really cool to meet her there because she gave me a full tour of the place. It’s the building that houses the magazines of Good Housekeeping, Cosmopolitan, Woman’s Day, etc.





There was a cool kitchen for testing recipes for and all the gear it takes to film something for it.



And awesome views from the conference room on the top floor…





I also loved the bottom floor with all of the architectural accomplishments of Norman Foster (Hearst architect). All of the models were on display in cases. You know- those mini versions of buildings? Kinda looks like the intro to Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood? Tell me you know exactly what I’m talking about. Lol








I love the mini people on those! The guy trying to keep his hat on in the “wind” is my favorite! And to see original sketches of design plans?? Nothing better…



So, after I stole her from work, we had drinks at the Hudson Hotel. You may recognize this from other blogger pics because this was the same location as the BHG Stylemaker event. I can see why. This place was STUNNING in every way. Give me brick walls and a formal chandelier and I’m sold…






And then of course, after some wine and french fries, we went our separate ways so I could head to Waitress!! Excited is an understand for how I was feeling. I’m a huge Sara Bareilles fan. I’ve talk about this a million times on my IG stories, but there was a lot of hype behind this play for me because I love the soundtrack so much. It did not disappoint! Funny, charming, emotional. And to top it off, a friend of mine had a friend in the show who was able to let me backstage! Just so very great! Here’s pix from that…






Some great characters from the show. Such talent!!




I messaged the remaining Home Goods peeps to see if I could meet up with them at that point, but those stinkers were beat and already back in their rooms! So I walked around Times Square by myself for a bit, ran in to a souvenir shop to grab some gifts for my kiddos, and headed back to the hotel. Really wanted to soak in one last night of sleeping without getting kicked in the face by my three year old;) Also, I had to have everything packed up and ready to go because I had to grab a taxi at 6am for my ridiculously early flight. Don’t worry, I had the driver stop at a nearby Panera on the way to the airport and wait for me outside while I grabbed my latte and a muffie. I wonder if the Panera peeps back home could feel me cheating on them.


Times Square…




And here I am at 6am, ready to head to the airport…






There you have it! What a blessing to work with Home Goods and have this experience. I’ve had so many people message me asking how I got this gig. We formed a relationship on Instagram! (You can find me on there HERE.) They shared my bedroom 2 years ago, was it? Can’t remember, but after that they shared my living room and office, and few other shots since. That was how my following initially began to grow, and one way or another that led to me pinning for them on Pinterest. What a job! And the store seriously never disappoints. This is my all time favorite Home Goods score…




I mean, how gorgeous is that piece? It’s truly a high quality, heavy, beautiful piece of furniture. Almost everything in that pic is from Home Goods: console, mirror, lamps, pom throw, and even this cool wooden sculptural thing…



I’ll leave you with this pic. Delta handed me this napkin on the flight. I loved what it said and took it as an opportunity to doodle up some plan for open shelving for my kitchen:)



Cheers! Let’s hope they make this an annual thing, huh? 😉







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