A look back, and a look ahead…

Guys! It’s the first day of the new year! (Or second actually, because it’s 3am on the morning of the Jan 2nd- I’m a night owl to the extreme)! I’ve taken a step back from blogging over the holidays because December was crazy busy and jam packed with holiday tours and DIYs, and once the kids started their Christmas break from school, it was family time, wind-down time, and blogging break time. I miss you! I hope whatever holidays you celebrate were filled with love, fun, and a chance to unplug! Wanted to pop in to reflect on 2016 and look at what’s ahead for me and this little ‘ol blog.


So, confession: I’m still new at this blogging thing. In October, it was a year since I’d started, so I suppose technically I’m out of the “newlywed/honeymoon” phase and should have this down pat. But truth is, I don’t! Sometimes I find it hard to keep up. I have crazy successful friends who I am so proud of- and many are so regular with their posts and have what seems to be an endless amount of content and ideas. I’ve never been on any sort of schedule over here. I post when something strikes me. I post when I have progress to share. I post when I’m collaborating with other bloggers or awesome companies who have provided me with amazing opportunities. I’m super thankful for you all who follow along, and I hope my lackadaisical approach to when I post doesn’t let any of you down. Please leave me comments and suggestions! I love to hear what you’re thinking!


2016 was definitely a year of growth over here. My design aesthetic has certainly evolved over the years, so it was really fun to bring some fresh ideas to life. Some of my favorite projects are the Stikwood wall in our family room (view that HERE), our dining room makeover (HERE), and the One Room Challenge I did for the laundry room (HERE). Some highlights? Seeing the laundry room featured as one of the “Top 15 ORC Participants Who Blew Us Away” on House Beautiful (see that article by clicking HERE) and checking off something on my bucket list: seeing my work in print!




That there is my 13 year old daughter’s bedroom featured in J14 Decorate magazine. What a treat to see that on the stands! Can I tell you a secret? I was contacted by HGTV magazine recently because they want to feature my green buffet in an upcoming issue!!! Whaaaaattt??? I don’t know if most people wait to share something like that til it’s actually out, but I couldn’t contain myself, since we’re talking about my work in print and all;) Shhh, don’t tell anyone. Lol. I’ll be sure to post when it’s officially out!


Speaking of exciting opportunities, how about I share what’s coming up in a few weeks… I’m headed to NYC! Home Goods is sending their blog and pinterest contributors to meet up for a conference of sorts. I’m beyond excited! Can’t wait to see “colleagues” of mine, and meet the awesome people behind the Home Goods team! I’ll be sure to tell you all about it when I return!


As for what’s ahead? I can’t be certain, but I will say I’m working on a design plan for our kitchen. I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited for a makeover! The kitchen is the heart of the home, and our kitchen is so not reflective of my style! Ready to pour my heart into making it an artistic masterpiece that makes me smile when I walk into it. Who knows, maybe a fresh kitchen will even make me want to cook;) Stay tuned!


Another heads up- you can now shop my Instagram posts by signing up for Like It To Know It. It’s a free and easy program, and when you “like” a photo on Instagram, a direct link to the items in that photo are sent to your email. I’m thinking I’ll start a “shop” tab on the menu of the blog to make it a bit easier. Stay tuned! Here’s a dress/necklace duo I wore twice over the holidays! Click on the image to get directed to the shopping site…



One last thing, do you guys watch Instagram stories? They have seriously become my favorite thing ever. Don’t ask me why! I’m just loving talking to a camera knowing that I’m connecting with all of you through conversation. I absolutely love getting messages from you all after you watch them. Makes me feel like we’re all bffs relating to one another. That’s the best part of social media, in my opinion. I appreciate the interaction. That’s what we’re all here for, no? To meet, connect, inspire? By the way, if you’re fairly new here, another one of my favorite blog posts from 2016 was a “get to know you” post where I answered questions from followers. If you care to know a little more about me, you can view that HERE.


Holy smokes, this was a bit wordy! A big fat THANK YOU for showing any interest in what I do. Here’s to everything that 2017 has to offer! 








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