Haven Conference 2018

Well folks, it’s been a whirlwind of a few weeks! Summer has officially taken over my professional life and it’s been a bit tricky to find time for blogging. No worries. Happens every year around this time, and then I head to Haven and BAM! I’m motivated! Lol I say “a few weeks” because prior to the conference, I traveled to Northern Michigan for our family’s annual trip to Crystal Mountain…


 Find my jumpsuit/romper thing by clicking HERE.


The last two years this trip has landed on the same week as the conference, so I actually leave my family vacay one day early and fly out of Traverse City. It’s always a bit crazy packing for two trips at once, but so fun! I thrive on keeping busy. 


So, let me just say, this trip started with me sitting on my connecting flight in Chicago, and getting a tap on my shoulder from a woman sitting behind me…. and she says, “Can I fangirl for a minute? Are you Haneen from Haneen’s Haven?” I was totally taken aback and she was just as sweet as can be. Turns out she was a blogger and coming to the Haven Conference as well, so I suggested Ubering together and she ended up being such a hoot! Meet Patti from Renovating Mapleson Manor– she photoshopped herself into this photo. LOL!


Too funny, right? So, I arrived in Charleston around noon on Thursday. The first thing I do is spot the opening speakers, Chris and Payton Lambton. What do you do when you see someone from The Bachelor in real life? You wave overly enthusiastically and yell “Heyyy!!” as if you’re total BFFs, of course. Listen, I’m nothing if not totally extra. I’m going to go ahead and own my awkwardness. Besides, it helped them totally remember me when I got in line behind them for food later in the weekend and ended up snapping this selfie… “For my sister-in-law,” I said. Uh huh. Sure.



So, after the celeb siting, I met up with Charlotte from At Charlotte’s House to explore Charleston a bit! We met at JCrew and continued walking from there. I bought fab earrings at a cute boutique shop, and Charlotte found some goodies for her kids when we roamed the market place. We walked Rainbow Row, and of course I made Charlotte take my photo in front of this pink house! I mean, it’s important to document when you match your surroundings:)



Here’s a few more from that afternoon…





 Charlotte being Charlotte. Love this woman!


That evening was the opening night welcome party- so fun! This is what Haven’s all about, folks. Yes, it’s non-stop learning and information overload, but to reconnect with friends you know, and meet lots and lots of new ones, is exactly what I love about this conference! Here’s some photos of the first night…



That’s me with fellow Michigan blogger (and sweet as pie) Liz Marie Galvan!



Here I am with my friend Erin, who I actually knew in middle school and convinced her to come to this conference because she’s starting a blog:) Check it out here: www.luvallthingshome.com


Here’s a screenshot or two of other people’s IG story posts!




Here are Liz and I with Marci from Lemons To Lovelys. Her post actually said “Celebrity Sightings.” Lol! Too funny. Very humbling! FYI… I stole that clutch purse from Charlotte. I LOVE a classic black and white ensemble, but I was itching for color, and Charlotte pulled through šŸ™‚


Here’s a photo from the dinner at Cannon Green hosted by Home Depot and Ryobi. Loved all of the fun doors in this town!




Ok, so the next day we got down to business! The morning started with an opening talk from Chris and Payton Lambton. They spoke about how their careers took off after the Bachelor franchise. Then the classes started, and I attended ones on video, photography, Facebook Live, Instagram Stories, and working with Dremel tools. But, the highlight for me was listening to Taniya Nayak speak! Guys, not only is she well-known from HGTV, but she’s the spokesperson for FrogTapeĀ®, and it is has been so fun getting to know her on a personal level! I absolutely loved working with FrogTapeĀ® for the Paintover Challenge, and after winning (hooray!) Taniya and I started chatting more on Instagram and it was awesome meeting her in person! I literally squealed and ran to her when I saw her in the hotel lobby. It was like running into an old friend. She’s such a bubbly gem. And she gives such great tips! You can follow her on Instagram at @taniyanayak or @taniyatalksdesign.



 I would like her entire outfit. Please and thank you.




Can you tell how animated she is from these photos? I felt like I was watching myself talk! Lol!


Ok, so speaking of FrogTapeĀ®, I gotta share pix from their booth at Haven! Can’t tell you how fun it was to see my face on a banner- was not expecting that! šŸ™‚




 Find my Mrs. Roper dress HERE šŸ™‚


If you were there, did you get the chance to stop by this booth? I hope you did, because Catie from FrogTapeĀ® did an AWESOME presentation of the paintblock technology that sets FrogTapeĀ® apart from other tapes. It really is the best tape for clean lines!


Here are photos from the dinner at Tavern & Table, hosted by FrogTapeĀ®! I loved eating a meal at a restaurant that Taniya designed- so cool! Doing design work for a restaurant is definitely a career goal of mine! I left inspired.



Thistlewood Farms // The Handmade Home // Our Fifth House // Taniya Nayak // Vintage Revivals // Handmade By Carmona // FrogTapeĀ® // Sawdust To Stitches // All Things Thrifty // Making Lemonade 




A few more photos from the conference… here’s one of me with the ladies of Shanty2Chic. We definitely bonded at the Home Depot dinner over raising teens!



And a photo of me with my roomie, Yuni from Love Your Abode! She’s a hoot!




Below you’ll find me with Miss Ella Bower, daughter of Katie and Jeremy from Bower Power. Dudes, this sweet girl was a GEM the entire weekend! She looks like she’s giving some serious side-eye in this pic, but she smiled non-stop, truly! Never saw her cry! Such a cutie!



Below is a photo with me and my mentees! I was honored to be asked to be a mentor this year, and I loved getting to know this group!



Here’s a screenshot from @homewithkeki on Instagram. I thought this was hilarious!



And a pic with my “twin” Erin Spain! Folks, it was a lingering joke all weekend that people kept confusing us! Do you see it?




The sad part comes next. It was time to go home:( Here’s the thing, friends. A lot of these people I only get to see once a year at this conference! It honestly is so fulfilling to have a few days being surrounded by like-minded people who do what you do and think how you think. I love the Haven Conference, and I hope if you’re a blogger and haven’t attended yet, that you strongly consider going in the future! Next year it’s back in Atlanta! Thank you so much to the Haven team for planning such a fun event to do some reconnecting, networking, and learning. And a huge thanks to FrogTapeĀ® for sponsoring this post!





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