End of Summer Blues

 Chicago, August 2018


Oh, Summer. It’s been real. We’ve traveled to Northern Michigan and Chicago as a family. We’ve played fetch with the dog, swam at the neighborhood pool, and painted random scraps of cardboard in the driveway. We’ve done math packets and read books. We’ve run through sprinklers and knocked down Jenga towers. We’ve tackled sports and art camps. We’ve had movie nights and lazy days. But let’s talk about AUGUST…


We’ve stuffed our faces in electronics. Argued over Roblox. Whined for food. Cause we’re hungry. Always hungry. Did I say how hungry we were? We chauffeured kids. Survived on coffee (me) and Panera baguettes with butter (them). Handed out cash. Left rooms unkept. We’ve stayed up way too late. And if my oldest slept at a friend’s house, don’t even THINK that she was awake before noon to respond to my multiple texts. Shall we get into how we brainstormed fab ideas for the house but couldn’t start manifesting them into anything tangible because our brains were fried and our laptops were overtaken by our children?


Goodness, you guys, for REAL. August was hard. BUT, we’re going to focus on a couple of positive things that the summer is ending with, and then fill you in on some things to look forward to.


First of all, remember when I won the FrogTape challenge? Well, part of the prize was a full page ad in HGTV magazine! The current issue is out and here it is…



Looky there! That’s my family room! 


Second of all, the Detroit News featured our home in the Homestyle section this past Friday! 





How cool is that? If you aren’t local, you can find the article buy zolpidem from canada online by clicking HERE. It really means a lot to have some local recognition.


And the next day, my favorite mail day arrived, and a fun box was on my doorstep filled with these goodies from Better Homes & Gardens…



That’s right guys, BHG named me a Stylemaker for the second year in a row. Woot woot! When I first started blogging, getting an invitation to this event was indeed on my bucket list, and now I’m checking it off for the second time. Such an honor, truly! My flight is booked for NYC, and I’m excited to visit one of my favorite cities with some of my favorite blogging pals!


So, let’s talk about all of those things that didn’t get started so you know what to look forward to when the kids GO BACK TO SCHOOL!!


Sept 12: Splash of Color Blog Hop (making changes to the office for this! Clearing the gallery wall and hoping to make over the gold-dipped cabinet in time for this)

Sept 13: Fall Home Tour (Swapping out the art on the wood wall and more)

Sept 17: Day In The Life Blog Hop

Sept 26-28: BHG Stylemaker event in NYC- be sure to follow along on my Instagrams videos, and I’ll do a recap when I return!

Sometime soon: Finalizing kitchen backsplash choice and getting it installed!


I have a few projects in mind for all of these posts, along with some Halloween ideas I’m excited to share, but I at least wanted to give you a heads up on dates to look forward to. A big fat thank you for your patience as I slowly get back to blogging. August did me in!!!


Cheers to a productive school year!












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