High Point Market Recap #2

Hi, there! Excited to bring you the second part of my High Point Market recap! If you missed the first, you can read that by clicking HERE. There was so much to see, that I had to separate it into two posts! You can also watch all of my videos from HPMKT that I saved in my Instagram highlights! I was happy to save them all there for future inspiration.

So! Let’s start at 220 Elm where we were honored to see Sarah Richardson’s collection for Palliser!



If that’s not me, I don’t know what is! I love all of the shades of green!

Pinnacle Seating really impressed me with their reclining chairs. You heard me right. There’s actually such thing as an impressive recliner. Lol! You know why? There wasn’t a tacky handle on the side. There’s a sensor discreetly placed between the seat cushion and the arm of the chair. Brilliant!


It was super comfortable, and in it’s upright position, it reads as a normal, cool chair. 

Another favorite was the Vanguard showroom. I loved meeting Thom Felicia the first night at HPMKT! So I was happy to get to see his line of furniture on this tour!






Next, we hit Dorel Home. This seemed like a great line for college students, or people just buy generic safe order phentermine online xanax uk starting with their first homes…



A high end line that was quite exquisite, was Coleccion Alexandra….


Gorgeous belted back! And I loved the curved lines and dual fabric of this chair…


Guys, I’m saving my absolute favorite for last. Made Goods! Have you heard of this company? They had fabulous pieces, and their showroom was so fun! It used to be a bank, and they kept the vault just to preserve that piece of history…






And the curb appeal of this place didn’t hurt;) 


I hope you enjoyed all of this eye candy! After HPMKT, I’m itching for new family room chairs. I love my green velvet ones, but there were SO many great ones on the market at all of these showrooms! I hope you take the time to browse their sites below! Thank you to the following companies for sponsoring the Design Bloggers Tour. And thank you to High Point Market and Esteem Media for having me!


220 Elm

Pinnacle Seating Studio

Palliser Showroom
Crypton Home Fabric
Lee Industries
Hickory Chair

Dorel Home

E.J. Victor

Four Hands 

Howard Elliott

IMC – Interhall
Dowel Furniture
Coleccion Alexandra
Rawan Isaac

Lloyd Flanders

Made Goods

SONDER Living  

Universal Furniture

Click on the image below to be directed to the full list of the other bloggers on the tour! 

Stay tuned for one more HPMKT post, where I’ll be bringing you what I thought are the biggest trends I spotted! So many good ones!



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