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Hey, guys! Finally sharing our outdoor spaces with you today! If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ve seen our back/screened-in porch before. I’m so happy we finally invested in high quality furniture to fill the space! Lloyd Flanders was definitely the way to go! They were part of the Design Blogger’s Tour I did at High Point Market. I was blown away by the craftsmanship and really loved the design of a few particular pieces that I tucked away in my head for when outdoor planning came about this summer. I knew I wanted a large sofa and coffee table for my screened-in porch, and a dining set that could fit my big family of six for the concrete patio we have adjacent to the porch. That area was a whole separate beast of a makeover! A dirty, neglected mess that I’ll share with you below! Let’s start with the porch. This is what it looked like cleared out of old, dingy furniture that was too small for us…

And here it is AFTER…

We decided on the Catalina sofa and could not be happier with it! I love the clean, modern lines of it, and the cushions are deep and comfortable! They have an awesome selection of finishes and colors to choose from.

We went with the color Ebony for the actual sofa and used Sailcloth Salt for the cushions. I know, I know… white with four kids and a dog seems a little crazy, but the high performance fabric had me not blinking an eye with that decision! And how about that gorgeous teak and faux concrete coffee table? It’s so big and beautiful, you guys. Just fills the space so well. We’ve already done some entertaining out here, and it was perfect!

Wanna know what excites me even more? Friends, we’ve never had a designated dining area outside. We have a concrete patio directly outside of our patio that has always gone unused (mostly because there’s only one side of the porch that has a door and that leads to the side of the house and you actually have to walk around the grass to get to the patio. Obviously not a huge deal, but not having a door leading to the patio has always bugged me and it just makes it a bit inconvenient when grilling and needing to run around back and forth for supplies. We still haven’t put a door in, but I tell you what. This patio makeover is bumping that way up on our to-do list, cheap xanax line because we LOVE it!

So let me just give you this embarrassing “before” shot and get it over with…

I know. Please don’t judge me. Lol! We’ve just always turned a blind eye to it, so it’s sat with dated, dirty stuff for years. And the grime on the concrete, you guys! O. M. G.  Let’s start with that, because cleaning it with this pressure washer from Ryobi was literally THE MOST FUN THING EVER!

Using this attachment was a game changer! Great for large spaces!

Can you even believe it? This thing was a BEAST! Worked so well and was incredibly satisfying to use! Highly recommend it!

So, let’s get to the good stuff. We have a dining table for six outside! Wahoooooo!

Rug from Unique Loom

 Semi artistic shot courtesy of my six year old. Lol!

Side note, I got this Weber Genesis 315 grill for my husband for Father’s Day from Home Depot and we are LOVING IT!

Let’s talk about these pieces. I fell in love with that 8 ft long live edge teak table the minute I laid eyes on it at High Point Market. It almost seems too nice to be outdoor furniture! But I assure you, it’ll stand the test of time. The beauty of teak comes as it ages, actually.

When it came time to decide what chairs to pair with it, I knew I didn’t want anything too “matchy matchy.” I don’t necessarily love the look of “sets.” I fell in love with the shape of the Tobago dining chairs. I chose the Canvas Black fabric to pull black into the space outside of the porch where the black sofa is. I love the combo. And I absolutely love the black and white rug with it too! This rug is from Sabrina Soto’s line with Unique Loom! She has a fabulous selection of outdoor pieces and I really liked the design of this one. Adds a graphic punch. Unique Loom’s indoor and outdoor rug selection is positively huge! I found one from Unique Loom for our office too!

It’s this plush shag rug (but not too shag) and it’s gradient… the outer edges are grey and fades to white in the middle! I just thought the ombré effect was cool! Looks great in our office:)

So… there you have it! This ended up being a long post! I had a lot to share! From our fabulous new furniture from Lloyd Flanders to the amazing power washer from Ryobi  to the fabulous rug from Unique Loom.  I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for the companies I get to work with! Always remember… I share what love!!

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