Bathroom Primp and Pamper: The Plans

It’s here! Time for our powder bathroom remodel! It’s a fun project I’ve collaborated on with some friends… called the Bathroom Primp and Pamper, and folks… it’s gonna be FUN! I know this because these ladies are full of talent with a fun style and I’m so excited to see what they have up their sleeves for their own bathrooms.

I’ve chosen to tackle a powder bathroom near our office. We have two powder bathrooms- the other one is near our garage, and I gave that one a makeover last year

Click on that photo to be taken to the reveal post of that bathroom because you need to see the “BEFORE” shots!

So, now it’s time to tackle the powder bathroom on the other side of the house and I am EXCITED! It has sat swimming in 2009 Hobby Lobby decor for far too long, and I’m done turning a blind eye! Do you ever realize that happens around your house too? There will be a room that is SO not your taste/style but you just ignore it and focus on other projects and then one day you walk in like, “WOAH, I still have chevron in my house???”

Yup, that would be this bathroom for me. Pumped to bring it into 2020. Here’s the BEFORE…

The most plain Jane of all powder bathrooms. The wall color is what the house came with. I made no-sew roman shades way back when (but still have blinds that are in poor shape behind them), and it’s still got the builder grade mirror and shell lights! Doesn’t exactly scream “me,” does it? Lol. So let’s get to the plans! Are you ready to see a few things I’m considering? I’m still undecided on wallpaper! Oy! I literally checked out 11 wallpaper books and my head is dizzy trying to narrow down options. But before we get to those, here are the pieces that are 100% decided on…

I love these pieces so much! I’ve been wanting a console sink forever! This one is fromSignature Hardware. There’s something so beautiful and classic about it, and I love that you can hang a towel on the front rod instead of drilling holes in the wall for a towel hanger. The gorgeous vintage inspired faucet is also from Signature Hardware.

I wanted to keep the scale of the old mirror, but change the style. This egg shape mirror from totally fit the bill. I haven’t seen this shape often and I like it!

The vanity light is also from! It’s the Quoizel Landry light and I like that it’s simple, clean, and modern because I plan on mixing it with traditional/more ornate elements! Just have to figure out exactly what those are. Lol! Let’s talk style…

I LOVE mixing. When I’m creating mood boards, I don’t get excited about a project until there’s a good mix. Here are a few mood boards I made for this bathroom. I’d love to hear what you think! My blog’s currently having some issues with allowing comments, but please head to my Instagram feed and tell me your thoughts!

You guysssss. I’m obsessed with this portrait art I found at Artfully Walls! Honestly, these pieces completely inspired this mood board! The man and the woman on the left are both so beautiful. And honestly, I was mostly drawn to the woman on the right because I love what she’s wearing:) Reminds me of the outfit I wore to the Home Depot dinner at Haven Conference last month! …

Can we talk about the wallpaper from Thibaut? Here it is up close…

I am incredibly drawn to this, and there’s a few reasons. I majored in art, and the sketch-like quality takes me back to all of my drawing classes. And the buildings themselves remind me of an architecture course I took. More than anything, I love that this reminds me of a storybook. Perhaps it’d be perfect for a library or office, but I love the unexpected touch in a bathroom! My only concern is, I really wanted to have roman shades made from the same fabric as whatever wallpaper I choose. Thibaut has a fabulous selection of coordinating wallpaper and fabric choices!! But… I don’t think this particular one comes in a fabric. Hmmmm.

Ok, let’s talk florals, and let’s talk green. You all know I love green! My only hesitation is that the powder bathroom that I showed you at the start of this post is also green. Totally different green, but green none-the-less. Is there such thing as too much green? Annnnd… is there such thing as too much floral? I have floral wallpaper in my dining room…

And in my laundry room…

And I have a floral gallery gallery wall in the office…

And a big ol’ floral rug in our living room…

The funny thing is, I don’t see myself as a feminine designer. There are spaces in our home that are moody and masculine, but there’s just something about florals. Reminds me of my childhood, maybe? My mom always had the most beautiful yard of planted flowers. And all of these florals are very different, so I think it’s ok, but it’s still in question.

Alright, friends. This one is going in an entirely different direction, but I’m here for it! Another fabulous option from Thibaut. I’m loving the arch trend right now, and I like this pattern’s interesting spin on it. The question is… do I want something geometric like this? Or am I leaning more romantic like the first two? Although, these traditional portrait paintings paired with this mid-mod wallpaper pattern make a fabulous mix. Decisions, decisions!

As far as the solid blocks of color you’re seeing on the bottom of these mood boards, I’m having trim work installed, and I’d love to paint it in high gloss! This is what’s inspiring me…

 Designer: Todd Klein

 Photo by MYDESIGNCHIC on Domino

 Design by Artistic Designs For Living via Tim Barber

Tell me your thoughts! And get excited, because I’ve linked the awesome ladies below who are also making over their bathrooms, and they’re gonna be GOOD!

I’ll be posting progress once a week until the big reveal September 12th! Stay tuned! And thank you so much to the following sponsors:

Signature Hardware


Artfully Walls



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  1. ariel says:

    omg so it looks like we might have some of the same art selections hahaha that just means great minds think alike! Love the inspo shots too, especially that first green one!

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